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Deli Boys

2018-05-24 07:16

Over the last couple of months this place has constantly changed their menu (which I like), and always seems to be adding a few new goodies each time. Recently I was lucky enough to finally go with a large group of friends and try out some of their new things, and if you haven’t been yet, you’re wasting your time. First off: their kombucha drinks are delicious. Although you may have your reservations if you’ve never had kombucha, it’s well worth it. They’re not too sweet, perfectly garnished, and damn strong - try the pineapple margarita The food as always was spot on. The triple meat sandwich, is hard to put into words. Gazing upon the glory of heaping turkey, duck, and smoked meat is almost better than eating it. Remember: you gotta pound on yellow mustard. It may sound weird, but this is smoked meat deli, keep the tradition, and after your first bite, you’ll thank me. The salmon was also a big surprise. Although it’s not really in accordance with traditional deli fare, it has an decadent sweet crust, is substantially larger than other restaurants with salmon, and has the smoothest potatoes to crush it with. The addition of vegetables will also make you feel healthy. The best part of it though, is that it’s the first restaurant in the city I’ve seen with actual cheese curds for poutine. You may not understand the significance of that, but French fries lathered in gravy, smoked meat, and cheese curds, is a sight to see (48¥ to boot) As I’ve said over and over, just go. It’s not a typical American deep fried restaurant, it has the best smoked meat in the city by far, and if you’re lazy, it delivers warm and not soggy like other burger spots. You’re welcome.

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By: Freund


LAGO by Julian Serrano

2018-05-20 09:35

By: Julius


By: emma

Nam Nam

Amazing place. Great food! And excellent service!


2018-05-26 10:21

By: yves


Very reasonable price for beers compared to all the places in XinTianDi who take tourists and customers for total idiots and morons.


2018-05-26 10:15

By: Daisy大小费

Sichuan Citizen (New)

The Sichuan Citizen restaurant has moved to Ferguson Lane and closed their original Donghu Lu location. The new space also added Bar Basil with a beautiful terrace overlooking Wukang Lu.


2018-05-26 09:44

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