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RAC Coffee

2018-11-12 19:50

I went to try brunch at RAC coffee a while ago. We wanted to book a day in advance but at that time I couldn’t find contact info anywhere. So first come, first serve. Fortunately we didn’t have to wait long. We all had gallettes: Far east, one with salmon and one with pork sausage. I tried them all and my favorite is Far east (pancetta, egg, cheese, mushroom and cream). They were all very rich, tasty and filling. Service was quick and friendly, we got our food only 5-10 minutes after our orders, and the waiters served us with a smile. They also serve salads, sandwiches and crepes. Prices for gallettes range from 70 to 98 yuan. I would recommend it for brunch in Old Xuhui.

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By: Chiara


Starz Kitchen

2018-11-14 10:58

By: Nana


By: Ariane Chan

Saigon Mama

I used to get my pho cravings fixed at pho real but ever since I was introduced to Saigon Mama I’ve never gone back. The broth is just right, beef is not chewy and the portions are big. Also recommend the egg rolls.


2018-11-18 16:40

By: jade

Bread etc.

use to go there for my Sunday brunch with boyfriend. We always take the same energy breakfast which is cost friendly and very tasty. The carrot juice and the Ginger late are pretty good too. Went there yesterday and I wasn't so hungry so we just order 3 dishes to share : the antispasti, the yoghurt and the chicken sandwich. Whatever, the waitress brings us a chicken salad instead of the sandwich we ordered and we requested to change it. it was obviously a problem with the order. she came back a few minutes later claiming that "can not change the order". the manager in charge just said it was impossible to change our order because the chicken was already cooked, and that we have to pay it even if we didnt order it. As a consequence we entered in a discussion about management and guest satisfaction. He changed his mind and finally said it's ok you can have the salad for free and the waitress will pay for it. we figured that he tried to make us feel guilty for the bad process of ordering... He understood that we weren't really satisfied about the situation and tried then to give us drinks for free because "service is important "what he said... So I'm probably a fool but we didn't accept the free drinks and whatever. The thing is the staff is not that smiley, they should at least do a feedback when people order food, like double check what they request for. And when they are wrong they don't admit it, even a sorry we didn't hear it from their mouths... It's a pity to have such a lack of skill and passion for a great place like that. The kitchen is really good, and it saves everything. Very bad mention for the staff who only can say bukeyi.


2018-11-18 16:03

By: Ever Ayala

Tacolicious (New)

Tacos are supposed to be chunky, fun and unpretentious and this places thicks EVERY single box. Deal is any two tacos for ¥65 and two of them are more than filling! They also have Ceviche for ¥65 and four Dos Equis beers for ¥100! Everyone working here was kind, helpful and super friendly. The place is cozy and cheerfully decorated, perfect for a fun dinner prior to going for your drinks. We ended up staying for another bucket of beers! Amazing overall.


2018-11-18 15:58

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