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Via Stelle

2017-12-10 23:36

Got a super crazy deal -> Meatball with tomato sauce for only 12RMB!!! As usual the entire “cooking process” was really easy, just set your microwave and press the Start button. The meatball was huge, crispy outside (if u put parmigiana cheese on top of it) and tender inside (even if it was not fully warm internally). The tomato based sauce was well spiced and balances well with the meat. It would be nice if there is also a little piace of bread (I like to do “scarpetta” with sauce). But overall I’m really happy and satisfied!!!

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By: Jay 家豪


Le Vin

2017-12-13 18:07

By: Freund


By: Freund

Deli Boys

Ordered breakfast, got grilled cheese? Ahhhhh maybe just go there and not order it. Also, potatoes are soggy, not good


2017-12-17 20:05

By: Nacilla

The Press by Inno Coffee

I really enjoyed the lovely and historic environment. I had tea and a piece of apple cake that were nothing special but still just fine. My friend enjoyed his Pu’er-style Yunnan coffee and hamburger. I wouldn’t choose this place just for its food, but it’s a great environment for a cuppa and talking with friends, or a space to do some work. I was impressed with the friendly and good service.


2017-12-17 19:43

By: Noir


What a shame that it takes me so long to pay a visit to this awesome Mexican restaurant. Came during winter and couldn’t enjoy the nice terrance view. What’s more than enjoying a good brunch with such a view. Nevertheless, I did make my first move here and that’s for sure will be back for more. Starters: Cilantro chicken & chorizo soft corn tacos -¥28 Chips & Salsa -¥ 30 Mains: Mayita chili maple salmon - ¥68. Definitely fallen in love with the walnut cream sauce but the bread pudding abit too soggy for my liking Roasted Pork Enchilada - ¥ 98. The tender pork shoulder is good and love the flavorful rice beneath it . Dessert: Ended the meal with 3 large Churros -¥ 55. Served with 3 dipping of chocolate/ whipped cream and strawberry sauce. This could be the best Churros I ever had but would prefer the size to be more petite rather than 3 huge ones Service is good as the waiter and waitress is attentive


2017-12-17 19:15

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