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2019-06-05 12:33

I dine at Hatsune at IAPM often as it is located in the same building as my gym. We go there often as the restaurant offers really fresh sashimi and sushi at affordable price. Great for muscle building. Service quality is also really good. When I was there earlier this week, I noted that the restaurant is organizing a special supper club event on 6 June, Thursday at 21.00 ( ie tomorrow night). Promotion starts from Rmb 100 and this is really good value for money. This should be a fun event as it will be held at the restaurant’s patio and Dj entertainment is provided. Really cool.....

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By: Nana



2019-06-07 19:59

By: Nana


By: Andrea

Raffles City Changning

This is one of my favourite malls. Why? Fiesta, its bot dar away from home and its calm, has a nice shop selection, good food court and outdoor areas and a great new cinema. There are different towers and areas and mostly it's not so crowded. The whole area was build up the last years and its nice so walk around and explore the different shops, restaurants and cafes. Now they also have a new connection directly from Line 3/4 over a bridge into the 2F, nice.


2019-06-27 08:27

By: Agnes

Taoyuan Village

Just a place to have traditional Shanghai style breakfast!!!


2019-06-27 07:28

By: Douglas Querl

Gatten Sushi

Gatten sushi is a conveyor belt sushi restaurant. Limited sushi and other items. It's like a Gold Star Genki sushi place. Drinks are lousy. Beer is beer. Sushi flavor is good for a fix. Colored plates =different prices. It is spacious and it's not overly crowded, which is wonderful! The drink specials are okay- sake, beer, and a highball, which was incredibly weak. Apps special were fantastic prices!


2019-06-27 07:07

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