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2018-03-16 12:32

My friend and I took advantage of their 50% off deal on the dinner menu (it goes until the end of the month) as I've been wanting to try their new Pizza du Chef ever since I saw it. So we got that and a regular pepperoni. The pizza du chef doesn't have tomato sauce, and the toppings are sliced pumpkin, prosciutto crudo, mascarpone, pears and arugula all drizzed with some balsamic vinegar. Sounded amazing! Well, we got the pepperoni pizza first and it was great. It wasn't spicy at all but had some red peppers to add to the flavor and it was served still very hot from the oven. The pizza du chef unfortunately came later as we wouldn't have been able to fit two pizzas on a small table, but it was almost cold when we got it so it wasn't as good. Sure, the flavors were really nice but they need to pay a little bit more attention to the service. I also tried their éclair with pastry cream and fruits. It was ok, too many different flavors together in my opinion, as it also included chocolate chunks and meringue which took away from the simple cream. It was quite expensive at 35 yuan but it was big. All in all I would recommend to try their dinner menu while it's still discounted. 100 yuan for a pizza is a bit too much and there are better deals around, but for 50% off it was worth it. They start serving dinner at 6 pm and the promotional menu includes all appetizers, mains, pizzas and desserts. 50% off goes on till the end of March.

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By: Michela


Lets Burger

2018-03-17 14:24

By: Sergei


By: Michelle Ibarra

Co. Cheese Melt Bar

[Birthday get together weeknight] Came for a dear friends birthday event. I looooove their sandwiches, every single one ive had has been great. The HUGE issue with cocheese is the service. Its AWFUL. Upon entering the manager was in disagreement with my friend and her preplanned, prepaid birthday deal arrangement of 100rmb for 1.5sandwich, a shot and beer. He ended up changing it last minute and we all just ordered upon arrival a la carte which was fine. I got the full sandwich number 21. Jalapeno cream spread, pepperoni, gouda, stilton...yum yum yum. Spicy but not too spicy. Then, shortly after I was standing by the bar and drinking my bloody mary which was also super delicious, salty too and then a keg fell on my foot! Talk about pain. The manager seemed to be upset the keg fell on me and that i was in pain. I havent had bad and rude service in awhile but this took the cake. Its unfortunate that a foreign run establishment could lack so much sympathy. Luckily nothing was broken. Ill prob head over to hop project for sandwiches now.


2018-03-22 17:15

By: Rav

LAGO by Julian Serrano

Absolutely phenomenal evening last night, great food, service with a smile and delicious food. My true compliments to the chef, who ever he is. I would definitely recommend to everyone and anyone.


2018-03-22 16:52



lunch menu at 98.00 with Spanish beer . incredible and very good . very quiet place , terrace, you have to try


2018-03-22 16:04

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