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Polux by Paul Pairet

2019-03-14 15:45

Just finished my lunch at Polux and today is ithe cafe’s second day of operations. Two great surprises for me. Firstly, I did not have to queue long for my table and secondly, Paul was actually cooking for all of us at the cafe. Happy..... Polux is an upscale cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and business starts at 9 am each day. A great news for those working near the Xintiandi area. The place seats about 110 customers and it has both indoor and outdoor seatings arrangement. Polux probably has the best location in Xintiandi as it took over the KABB which was centrally located. The decorations of the cafe is simple, industrial, bright and comfortable. Polux serves western food with a touch of French cuisine. For lunch, I had a sardine on toast ( Rmb 50) , onion soup ( Rmb 80) , Ham Benedict ( (Rmb 80 ) and a fruit salad ( Rmb 70). i also like their complimentary bread with butter a lot. Great waiter services, as expected. Everything were cooked to perfection, although the prices are more expensive than other restaurant in Xintiandi. The restaurant also serves a daily express lunch at Rmb 160 per set plus a coffee or tea and today special was beef tenderloin. Having this great dining experience today, I am hoping to go back to have my dinner at Polux soon.

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By: Nana


Sichuan Citizen

2019-03-17 08:39

By: Nana


By: SaSa

You Da Mian Guan

“我能去你家吃饭嘛 我不贪心 食量也不大 只吃一碗就好” 魔都惊现上海最大碗面馆 就在可爱好吃 价廉物美的友达面馆 看到过碗大的 但还真没看到过有这么大的 坐在店里用这个大碗吃面 想回头率不高都难 好多人看到我的这个碗 都争相着要拍照呢 牛蛙拌面 装在这个大碗里直接给端上桌的 这个超大无比的碗 看着就已经感觉很满足了 牛蛙的做法是那种干锅牛蛙的做法 香气扑鼻 外脆里嫩 搭配的辅料也很多 面条是手工鸡蛋面 口感劲道 非常好吃 量大又实惠 牛蛙面 我还是更喜欢吃这样的 看来以后吃牛蛙面再也不用跑去哈灵啦 友达酸菜鱼面 魔都排名No.1的酸菜鱼面 用的是龙利鱼 口感鲜嫩爽滑 没有鱼刺 味道酸酸辣辣 一口接一口 好吃到完全停不下来的节奏啊


2019-03-21 01:42

By: SaSa

Shirokuma Curry

很久没有吃咖喱饭了 今天心血来潮想去家里附近的白熊咖喱吃咖喱饭 开了那么久 我还真的是一次都没有去吃过呢 点了一份两人套餐 两份咖喱饭+一份素菜+炸猪排+汤/饮品 咖喱饭选的豚肉和鸡扒 咖喱酱不错 但是豚肉和鸡扒的味道普普通通 素菜吃上去没有味道 淡如水 猪排的味道还行 现炸出来的 口感香脆 总体感觉一般般吧 咖喱饭看来还是coco的会更好吃一些


2019-03-21 01:14

By: Jennifer 李珍

Brasa Chicken

Reasonably priced. Usually ordered 1/2 chicken with roasted potatoes and salad, so delicious. This place never disappoints me.


2019-03-21 00:57

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