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2018-01-21 19:11

[Bonapp Meet] It was the first time that I had been to Husk, and to be honest hadn’t really heard much about it before, which is disappointing. We were given the opportunity to try a bunch of their dishes, and most of them were fantastic! The atmosphere/service: It’s the perfect place for a date. Dimly lit, quite, and has the most romantic feeling without blowing a budget. You don’t feel as though you’re in a massive room like other upscale restaurants - great spot to get engaged/hook up 5/5. The service there is up to par with some of the best restaurants; changing your dirty plates after each course, refilling water right away, and even immediately picking up napkins after they fall off your lap 5/5 Starter: The two starters without question were my favourite and something i would always order off the menu - hummus with veggies and crispy bread, and beef carpaccio with crispy sourdough and a cheese sauce. The beef was absolutely fantastic - light, savoury, and perfect when put all components together. The mains: The lamb and steak were delicious, both unbelievably tender, and both meats melted in your mouth. They were accompanied with the perfect sauce, and are worth the trip to Husk alone. However, I wasn’t the biggest fan of the fish, or the chicken. The chicken was somewhat boring, but cooked well, and the fish tasted delicious, but was over cooked, and too dense for my liking - but maybe its more to your liking. Despite not hearing much about this restaurant before, I’m glad i finally did. Its a solid option for a delicious, reliable dinner, that will definitely impress a date or out of towner. I’ll see you soon Husk.

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By: Freund


Favorita Italian Wine Bar

2018-01-19 23:22

By: Julius


By: Carrie Brineg


Good Starbucks, same menu as every other but decent space


2018-01-24 13:25

By: Meen

Tea Bulb Lounge

It’s more of the fancy packaging (the bulb cup lights up) than the quality of the drink. I had the chocolate and that was a mistake. 1. Couldn’t see the light. 2. The drink was pretty average. Have to try other drinks


2018-01-24 13:20

By: Carrie Brineg

Brasa Chicken

I like it, good chicken! Fries are good and the other sides are good too


2018-01-24 11:52

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