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By: 蛋花源记

Qing Xin Fu Quan

在台湾的时候就喝过,她家的奶茶茶香浓郁,悠香清雅。很喜欢翠绿色的招牌,LOGO这里的爱心感觉诚意满满。 宣化路上发现又开了一家,路过那句“清心福全”的口号让人忍不住会驻足停留。喝他家的奶茶很放心的,店面永远那么敞亮干净,做得时候也很用心,全透明的操作过程。 尝试了下冬季推出的新品|大红袍滚白玉^五分汤刚刚好呢,茶味浓郁。冲出来的奶茶喝起来不会那么腻,很舒服,非常适合做下午茶。一大杯喝完胃也不会不舒服,还能免费加料。 |意难忘^从夏天喝到了冬天,特别用蜂蜜替代糖做的奶茶。喝完以后不会口酸,用的普洱喝起来也不会那么罪恶搭配鲜奶茶还加了仙草,口感非常地棒。 几乎路过就会光顾的奶茶店,我家门口也开一家就好了…


2019-12-15 00:43

By: Amanda

Brut Eatery

Warm atmosphere and attentive staff. I really enjoyed the main dishes we ordered, they were delicious! Sadly can not say the same thing about the dessert though (chocolate fudge brownie) which was lacking in taste, too plain. I’ll be back!


2019-12-14 23:47

By: Eva

The Twins

The place has a nice ambience , and a good bar with nice drink selections. Service are good as they can speak English well. For starter , we had a bread selections. the beef tongue were soft and tender. Flavor was ok the tuna tartar was good and the prosciutto cold cut was nice. The prawns served with mango and avocado salad were nice. Presentation was good too. Oysters were fresh and comes with sauce condiment in case you want to add like Tabasco etc. For main, The beef were nicely cooked and the roast chicken and the duck were tasty and tender. The seafood with pasta, lobster , clam and mussels were nice but just tasted ok. For dessert , we had pistachio ice cream , raspberry sorbet and berry tiramisu. Ice cream and sorbet were nice but the tiramisu was just ok for me. Overall the place is nice with good service and food are good . Premium price but good quality of food.


2019-12-14 22:34

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