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2018-09-13 09:41

These are the reasons why Fogo is worth a visit. One, it is new and trendy, and only opened in May 2018. Two, their food looks great, has unique taste and prices are average (about Rmb 400 per person). Thirdly, the place is more than 1000 square meter, has 2 huge outside patios and really suitable for functions. The restaurant is centrally located on 139, Nanjing Road, just next to Edition Hotel. The lift to the 6F is difficult to find and so, please ask for direction when you arrive at the ground floor. The restaurant is spacious and super trendy. The owner has spent a lot on the renovations and this shows in the furniture and everything that guests can see or touch. There are ample seatings, both indoor and outdoor. The whole environment is really comfortable, a mixture of restaurant and lounge. Fogo is a bit dark for photo or selfie taking, so be prepared for this. We ate a lot of dishes last night, consisting of various tapas, appetizers, Spanish ham, grilled prawns, steak and various desserts. The most photogenic dish is the ham which is placed in a ‘drift wood’. Best dish is definitely the 900 gram Australian Augus steak which is tender and just melts in your mouth. It costs Rmb 996 and comes with 4 side dishes. I also recommend the grilled prawns which is full of flavors. The restaurant’s choice of desserts are quite varied, beautifully prepared and tasty. We had a birthday party last night and the manager allowed us to try most of their dessert. Most desserts were beautiful and not too sweet. Therefore, I will not single out any dessert. Waiter service was excellent. Most of them speak English, and they were attentive and polite throughout the night. The waiters also understand the dishes well and can describe the dishes and their contents when we were ordering the dishes. I strongly recommend this restaurant as I had a great dining experience last night. The food and drinks were excellent, and pricing was reasonable. Interestingly, I even offered to organize a power user meet for them and they are considering this option now.

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By: Nana



2018-09-14 23:15

By: London Peter


By: Sergei

Favorita Italian Wine Bar

Great new addition with the Stella machine! Didn’t love the fact that every OTHER bar patron on the street used bathroom here due to Peters generosity!


2018-09-20 04:12

By: Hanna Lindland

A La Ren Jia

Although no one speaks English we managed to order some food. I had the spicy meat noodle. Quite tasty to be honest! My friend had some noodles that were less tasty.


2018-09-20 00:16

By: Hanna Lindland


Every Wednesday night they have Oysters night with live music. The band was really really good and I enjoyed the music so much. It’s the best place to bring a date I believe. It’s classy, stylish and easy to create a kinda romantic atmosphere. Although the prices are a bit high. You can compare it to the bund area prices etc.


2018-09-20 00:14

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