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STYX World of Skewers

2018-10-11 07:52

Okay okay so I’ve put this review off for a long time, but still feel it’s relevant for first time visitors, or frequent ones. I’ve been to Styx a few times (mainly in the first few months) and although food quality and fantastic service hasn’t changed, prices significantly had. After visiting Styx for the 4th or so time for the Bonapp Meet, I was surprised to see the hike in price from my original visits, to almost a year later (feel free to look at old picture menus, especially of the salmon skewer). Food: it’s delicious. No question there. All the skewers are perfectly cooked, and the side dishes are even better when paired with the desserts - the s’mores dish was fantastic. However, the only thing I can think of is “plug yourself” when I realize some of the dishes are nearly 20-30¥ higher depending on your choice. Like, reallllllllly? Delicious food? Yup. Great service? Yup. Street side skewers at an insane price? YAPP. I do love this place, but sadly wouldn’t return. It’s pricey skewers without the stomach sickness after a long night out at the bar walking home and getting sketchy shao kao

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By: Freund



2018-10-10 09:03

By: Islet


By: Franziska P

Light & Salt Daily

They’ve changed up the menu from when I was last there! The foie Gras terrine was lovely as well as the main which was the halibut. Also great Bloody Mary with an extra spicy touch to it


2018-10-16 17:33

By: Lester

Stone Brewing Tap Room

Great selection of IPA and good ambience too! Tried the brunch last weekend and it was good! The only disappointment was they ran out of the Fried chicken and Waffles at around 1 PM which was quite early for an item to be sold out considering you only had a brunch menu running. I will be back to try the a la carte menu for sure. Cheers!!


2018-10-16 15:42

By: CF

Coffee Belt

I love places that allow dogs! Not only that, they give them treats and water, and also pet them. Great space for meeting friends, or to read and study. I had the oatly latte and it was nice and smooth.


2018-10-16 14:31

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