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MUST Grill

2017-12-08 10:08

Here on a night where Cheese Republic was having an event. 200rmb for free flow cheese and a drink. Melted cheese served as Rackette or fondue with ovious crusty baguette, or chunks of cheese like gruyere, comte, blue cheese, and american cheese amongst others. Also had a platter of cold cuts. Not a bad deal at all. They also had a promotion of 3 additional glasses of wine for 100 or one bottle for 200. Event started at 6:30 and we were almost last to leave around 10:30. Great big venue with attentive staff, really nice atmosphere conducive to chatting away and great to know more about cheese republic and all of the options that they have available. Mmm cheese

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By: Leo


Fresh Off

2017-12-08 12:12

By: Freund


By: Pumpkinee

Bao Shi Fu Gao Dian

There is no queue in such a chilly windy day!!! So I tried the almond cream cake this time!!! The topped almond is crispy after baked, and it tastes yummy when it combined with the soft and creamy cake layers below!!!


2017-12-14 13:12

By: Pumpkinee

Pantry's Best

It’s quite chilly today!!! But the weather can not stop a Icecream monster’s crave for yummy treat!!! With the coupon in the pocket, I tried the fermented rice wine flavour Icecream which is the new thing there!!! The flavour is strong and the sweetness is almost from the rice wine!!! Quite yummy!!!


2017-12-14 13:08

By: Sergei

Pret A Manger

Say yes to the chili! Spicy and well seasoned. Great for crap winter weather.


2017-12-14 13:07

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