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Goji Kitchen & Bar

2018-02-22 18:37

It’s a hotel buffet and it’s far out near Disney in a new Marriott property. That said for 188 on Friday and Saturday nights (until Aug 31), this is a really good deal despite some hiccups in this soft opening period. The best and most surprising station - a Lebanese shawarma station. Beautiful meat glistening on a spit is always a beautiful thing. But it’s the little details that the Marriot must remember - having no tahini or spicy sauce with it was like getting the keys to the kingdom and then finding it was only halfway complete. The carvery meats thankfully did have sauces and gravy though I would have loved to have seen a mint sauce. Seafood lovers will have to fight with the local guests but there is an ample amount of sashimi, crabs legs, mussels, etc all fresh. One really nice touch was a lobster thermidor claw given to each person. The desserts from special handmade ice cream - including cotton candy ice cream - to a very tart mango cheesecake to an interesting pear mousse with a sour pear inside were all delicious and well executed. Service was hotel quality as you would expect so all in all if they could just work on the condiments - id highly recommend at this price especially as beers were also included with no extra charge.

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By: Sergei


Just Cool

2018-02-20 10:53

By: Freund


By: Dimpy

Salvo Pizza

I guess this is our family’s all time favorite... my husband is really addicted to the food reason is we being vegetarian there are so many options... for little spicy taste buds piadina is amazing... I guess risotto is best in shanghai.


2018-02-24 17:40

By: Juicyfruit


Cute little place a few steps from Xintiandi metro station. We ordered the avocado cheesecake, raspberry beetroot chocolate, nutella cheesecake, blueberry black sesame yoghurt, salted caramel gelato, raspberry hot chocolate, and various coffees/teas. Everything was delish and well-presented. A little steep for coffee and cake (80-100rmb each) but typical for this area. Avocado cheesecake is more lemony than avocado-y, comes with a chocolate base, and is quite fresh. But my fav was the blueberry black sesame yoghurt. Yum! Will have to come back to try more of their desserts!


2018-02-24 16:52

By: Carrie Brineg

Madison Kitchen

This place has incredible food! Everything I have eaten has been amazing. Kale Caesar is awesome and meatball sandwich is great!!! Want to try more!


2018-02-24 16:50

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