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2018-01-11 07:57

[Hosted BonApp Meet] This was not my first trip to Husk, but it was the first time I had the time to notice what they do well....making sure everything is great, all the time, with fantastic service and food. The food is delicious. The plates here are beautiful. The service is attentive and prompt without being overbearing (Read: They don’t stand behind you the entire meal while you’re eating) We had the hummus plate and carpaccio as starters. Hummus was delicious and was way better than more popular Mediterranean restaurants. The carpaccio was divine. The grilled bread that came along side the thinly sliced beef, pesto and Parmesan was perfect on its own and I could have eaten just that and been happy! The presentation on this dish shows the kitchen pays attention to detail. We got to share 4 entrees among our side of the table, so got to try the sea bass, chicken, lamb shank and steak, and both the chicken and lamb were my favorite, with a shout-out for the mashed potatoes that came with the sea bass. I regret not asking if I could get those as a side on their own. Lamb Shank and the mushroom sauce that came with it were incredible. Cod had gorgeous crispy skin, and those freaking mashed potatoes. Yum. Chicken was not dry, so huge’s so darn hard to prepare, but Husk gets it right, crispy skin and clearly brined before cooking so there’s some flavor in there. The steak was well prepared and tasty, but this one dish didn’t fit with the theme of the rest of the meal. I’m glad we got to try it, but the lamb shank was more fitting for the overall style. Shout out to Charlie, who made us feel like we were his family, at his home, sharing a meal. And the staff. Super friendly and helpful. At one point I got lost trying to find the bathroom and walked into the kitchen. They just laughed and someone came to escort me. It must happen a lot there.

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By: Julius


Lotus Land Indian Cuisine

2018-01-12 12:53

By: cfin


By: Winnie M

Peet's Coffee (New)

Arrived bright and early at 10:31am for a BonApp meet in the first Peet’s Shanghai! Absolutely love the atmosphere, people, and the coffee. Was introduced to the different types of beans and roasting by Alan, a SF bay local. Started off tasting the Colombia Luminosa and moved my way to something darker like the French Roast. Not a fan of the former as it’s too light and acidic for my palate. Much prefer something on the medium to dark scale such as the Ethiopia Super Natural or the Major Dickinson’s Blend. After a thorough and informative introduction about coffee, we headed for the desserts. My absolute favorite is the chocolate log cake. To my surprise, we discovered bits of rum infused cherries inside. Next, I’d recommend the almond croissant. Absolutely amazing and the best I’ve had in shanghai. The other fellow enthusiasts also share a similar palate and recommends the chocolate log. Thank you for the amazing customer service, tour, quality of coffee + desserts, and a great time, Peet’s. Will be visiting you again soon! -Peace out, Hollywood (nicknamed by Alan)


2018-01-16 15:04

By: Renée Zhang

Café Dan

母上想吃鳗鱼饭 而我想吃关东煮 搿么最合适的必然是丹咖啡了。鳗鱼饭是上海宁欢喜额甜口,里面有蛋卷粒这点很喜欢。米饭是胚芽米,其实并没有觉得硬,而且鳗鱼饭的米饭好吃与否很关键的啊。怕售空,提早一天询问有没有关东煮,店家当日还贴心致电通知我给我预留了。


2018-01-16 15:00

By: Nastia


Had the most magical night at Primo1. Birthday dinner turned the night when I said “Yes”! It was my choice of dining from the beginning cause I heard so much about their excellent cuisine and service, the second part was a surprise prepared by my partner and the staff of the restaurant. Best decision ever The food was delicious (highly recommend mushroom risotto!), the staff was attentive and helpful, the atmosphere of the place is very cozy despite the fact that it’s located in a mall. The terrace is beautiful! Fantastic experience, we are definitely coming back to try more! If you want to celebrate a special occasion consider Primo1, you won’t be disappointed!


2018-01-16 14:37

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