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2018-04-19 09:52

Love love love TRIBE. Most people be like ‘ew healthy food’ when they think of tribe but I guarantee you you can find tasty food here (think Mexican wrap and truffle pizza) even if you are not a kale person. Let’s skip the ‘I had a wonderful time at the ba meet last night’ and talk about da food. My favourite has to be the bulgogi beef wrap and the All-in smoked tofu bowl (I believe the bowl is vegan). You have to know that I normally don’t like kimchi but their housemade kimchi was so good and gave the dishes so much flavour. Beef wrap had cheeeeese in it. Def get these two dishes if you’re skeptical about trying out tribe and I really hope you’ll love it the way we did. Then the magical mushroom pizzaaaaa. It was magical indeed. The almond flour crust was super crunchy. Very different from your regular homeslice pizza. I liked it (lol PUs from the Italian tribe didn’t). Can def taste the black truffle. Healthy, cheesy, truffle, and kale on top? I’m a fan. The happily ever avocado salad is like a signature dish. Yes it’s a salad, and it tasted healthy. But there’s just so many different ingredients and I thought it was delicious. Portion was quite big def enough for a light meal. The prawn and on bowl was almost as good as the bulgogi one. I could’ve eaten a plate of the sweet n sour lotus root in that bowl (as a matter of fact I did steal some from the other table). As for the drinks. I got the ballsiness in a bottle cocktail which was a kombucha infused bourbon whiskey w coconut sugar and honey. Sounds awesome right? Lol haters hated it. I thought it was fine. Also tried the stargazer (you’ll see from other people’s pics later. The green and pretty one). Had basil and star fruit in it. Def a lighter and sweeter drink. Then got a glass of wine (thx Yvonne and Tim for spoiling us with all the food and beverages!). I’m no wine specialist but all their wines are organic and my Sauvignon Blanc was good. As for juices and coffees. I’ve been to tribes for coffee before. Not the best coffee I’ve had and the latte art wasn’t the prettiest, but they have special drinks like matcha latte, turmeric latte, as well as housemade almond milk so good news for all you vegans in Beijing and Shanghai! So we decided to try a few smoothies in stead of coffee last night. As long as I can remember we had the ‘dreaming in pink’, ‘berry omega’, ‘almond joy’ and ‘longevity’ smoothies. Gotta be honest, everything was not sweet! Some might say that I don’t like my drinks to be overly sweet or too sugary but we are talking like not-sweet-at-all here. Don’t get me wrong I love their juices and smoothies you can taste how it’s all fruits and veg and naturally sweetened with bananas. Yeah basically just bananas I don’t think they added honey or maple syrup or any of that kind. Highly recommend if you like super healthy smoothies and were too busy (or lazy) to make one yourself but avoid if you like delicious, sweet and thick smoothies. Ah finally DESSERT TIME. Gotta say. My least favourite dish last night was the buckwheat waffles. All the other dishes I absolutely loved. The waffles were just too dry. But the coconut whipped cream was so good. Again I could’ve eaten a bowl of just that whipped cream for dessert. The coconut pudding and the raw vegan chocolate cake were a tie for me. Both really really good. And guilt free. (Btw I also really like their chocolate brownie with a scoop of coconut ice cream:P Really like their concept and the food. Would go back for lunch today if I didn’t have to work even though we just feasted there last night. Fyi they have different BOGO deals every week day. One more reason for you to go to tribe! LOOOOVE.

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By: Rita


8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo BOMBANA

2018-04-18 23:22

By: Cristina


By: angyness

Charlie's Burger (New)

After the French WTF ice cream and bakery got shut down in SH 2yrs who, there are less opts of comfort ice cream with reasonable price. Until I got this gorgeous passion fruits ice cream from Charlie’s in Nanjing west rd. It’s ttl worth it,giant figs fruits mixed together with the smoothly ice cream,and not too sweet at all!


2018-04-23 23:42

By: 冯 进 夫 Fernand

The Farms Bar & Restaurant

really good food at affordable prices. small place but very friendly owner. doggie friendly. try the pizzas. nice lunch deals too.


2018-04-23 22:49

By: Sam

White Castle

This was my second visit to White Castle. I had gone when it first opened and was not very impressed - tiny sliders with not much flavor left me not interested in returning for a second visit. However, the launch of their new menu was enough to intrigue me - particularly the Jianbing slider. While I was not a fan of their previous fusion sliders (Peking Duck and Mapo Tofu), my curiosity won out. Even with all my skepticism, I was pleasantly surprised by the jianbing slider. The sweetness from the hoisin sauce, the crispness of the cracker, and the sausage wrapped in the wheat pancake - crazily, it all just works. Would definitely order this one again. The Black Truffle Cheeseburger didn’t fare as well. As a big fun of truffle, I was expecting this one to be my favorite of the night, but the boiled egg slices were too dry, the onion a little too overpowering, and the truffle mayo a little too subtle. Still perfectly acceptable, but not a great execution. The Crispy Shrimp with Cheese slider didn’t really taste like shrimp to me - more of a fish taste. It reminded me a lot of a filet o fish from McDonald’s. Nothing remarkable here. The Double Pineapple slider was a sweet slider, with ice cream, mint leaves and a pineapple slice in a HK style pineapple bun. Unfortunately, the bun didn’t have that crispy top I love so much, but it was still a pretty good slider. The mint and pineapple worked well together, giving it a subtle tropical taste. The Strawberry slider was another sweet one, this time with mint, fresh berries and strawberry ice cream. This one was my preferred out of the two, with the berries having a much more intense flavor. For sides, we got the Mozzarella sticks (nice and stretchy), Scallion Hash Browns, and Fries. Nothing too remarkable here, though I do like the extra flavoring from the scallions to set it apart other deep-fried potato based snacks. There were also a couple of other new sliders on the menu: Bacon n Egg Cheeseburger and Mango Avocado Chicken Breast. Since they’re so small, you might as well give White Castle’s new menu a shot if you’re intrigued - you might be pleasantly surprised!


2018-04-23 22:07

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