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Tacolicious (New)

2018-06-15 06:50

ARRIBAAAAAA. A new young gun to the taco scene, and definitely the more gourmet feeling compared to other restaurants yet still maintains the fun, drinking, and relaxed atmosphere. The small yet comfortable downstairs area, paired with the gorgeous rooftop makes it perfect for a date, or just some drinks with the boys. Despite being in soft opening, the menu is well written and simple, with some tacos, appetisers (mexican corn, nachos, etc), and lighter dishes like ceviches. You can either choose to go al a carte, or for 120 rmb, get 2 tacos (can’t mix and match sadly) and 2 drinks. The fish taco, my personal favourite, was delicious, light, and not overly battered - paired with the perfect slaw, and goes down well with the sweetness of a gorgeous strawberry margarita. The nachos were also a big hit for the table (30¥). Served with salsa and guacamole, its not overly filling, but hits the spot. The chips themselves could be eaten by itself, as the seasoning packs a kick, and is not shy in the dish. For anyone with skepticism over the double taco shell concept (as I was) you’ll be pleasantly surprised. It adds an incredible texture and crunch, making me question/regret not doing it my whole life. For being its soft/flaccid opening, it was quiet impressive to not have a single hiccup, with food and drinks running out of the kitchen quickly, yet still maintaining the quality of a place thats been open for years. Advice: come crush some insanely flavourful tacos, have some drinks, order some more food, and just enjoy a night with whoever you’re with on the terrace

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By: Freund


Cantina Agave

2018-06-14 07:04

By: Freund


By: Dylan

Papito Pancakes

Really good! Big sizes and pretty decent prices. Recommend getting one sweet crepe and one salty crepe


2018-06-19 23:19

By: Renee_Z

Dong Bei Nong Jia Jiao Zi Cun

第二次来吃了,点了酸菜粉条,黑椒牛肉,牛肉炒饭 还有牛肉馅的饺子。同样还送了酸梅汤,不知道是不是世界杯期间,还送了下酒的零食。 两个人吃也吃不完...东北菜的量还是靠谱的哈哈。


2018-06-19 22:49

By: Meen

Spice Bazaar

There were definitely dishes that stood out for me. They were the lamb skewers, fried lamb chops and the fried pork with naan. Lamb skewers were succulent and it didn’t go overboard with the cumin, so you could still taste the lamb. The meat was still very fresh and so it didn’t have the pungent mutton-y flavour to the meat. At 10rmb a skewer, I would happily order more. I preferred the fried lamb chops to the lamb leg as it was more tender (maybe I’m getting old, so my teeth are not as strong) easy to remove from the bone. The last favourite was probably a crowd favourite too. The fried pork with naan. Fried bread is always a good thing. Especially with it came with delicious chunks of pork with cumin.. (do you see the trend here?) There were definitely dishes that were not powdered with cumin. Such as the big plate chicken, fried beef, green beans, mint and almonds, cold noodles.... while they were good too, it didn’t leave quite an impression as compared to my favourites. Another worthy mention is the ding ding noodles... it was a pleasant surprise to be served noodles as little cubes instead of the traditional strands. If I had to choose a carb, that would be it. The sauce was similar to the usual xinjiang noodles you usually get but without the MSG. Nice! Hosts were really generous and friendly, ensuring that we had enough to eat and drink. This would be the xinjiang place of choice in this area.


2018-06-19 22:46

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