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2019-01-13 03:18

Chris is the main owner and the executive chef. You basically eat what Chris cooks and he specializes in French cuisine plus a little Asian fusion. The menu has less than 20 items and the whole menu is changed every month. For example, there were many seafood dishes in last month menu whilst, this month’s menu has more chicken and meat dishes. Prices are really reasonable. We ordered sparkling wine and more than 10 dishes for 3 persons and spent about Rmb 300 per person. Such great value for money. We loved the food we had that night. Every dish was served in an unpretentious plate and in small servings, which was great as you can try many dishes. We really enjoyed most if not all the dishes and so, i am not going to try to describe any of them. Even the simple dessert with dried flowers and nuts was so unique and simply delicious. Most customers will order wine, sparkling wine or champagne. Non alcoholic drinks are also available. Oh yes, the restaurant does not serve any cocktail. Waiter service was great. Overall, I had a great birthday dinner there last week.

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By: Nana


Awfully Chocolate

2019-01-14 00:08

By: Nana


By: Pamela

Stone Brewing Tap Room

The food was amazing I’ve been to this place before but their brunch is phenomenal! Wish they had a drink deal but as you can see from the pictures the food is out of this world. I had the avocado toast with a friend and it’s perfect for splitting. I then ordered the crab cake Benedict and I was very nervous because I am partial to see food but the taste was amazing and the sauce was delicious and creamy. Their tangerine express is always a good choice. Another winner on their menu is the yuyuan sandwich. My friend ordered the meatball and was extremely satisfied with her order!


2019-01-19 18:57

By: Elizabeth Moscoso

Timi Saimons Hairdressing

This is my second time getting my haircut here and I love it. The staff is super friendly and helped me remove my coat and put away my belongings as I was showed the waiting area. I was asked if I wanted some water twice, super attentive. My appointment started on time and the stylist asked me what I wanted to have done and he was able to execute what I showed him in the inspiration pictures I’d brought. He was super helpful in telling me how to style my hair and what product to use. A great and relaxing experience! Recommend it.


2019-01-19 18:43

By: marketa

Taco Laoban

Authentic cute taco place with a Mexican chef, simply the best tacos in SH, not overpriced. Also vegetarian options available. Amazing home made salsas! You can sit in/outdoor. Service is good. If you are looking for an authentic taqueria mexicana you must go there!


2019-01-19 18:43

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