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Head In The Clouds

2019-04-17 22:46

My super neighborhood cafe. Newly opened. “New brunch spot” Previous restaurant also had the terrace but after the big renovation they made it much bigger and spacious. Now we get more sunshine. And They are pets friendly. The interior is stylish and instagram style. I saw many people taking photos ad selfies... Talk about food, Food is good, very simple. Good quality for the price although it’s not sophisticated as Rye & Co. We could say similar to RAC coffee. Egg Benedict ¥68, brunch set for 2 people ¥ 158 and marinated salmon ¥68. Brunch set comes with two sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, baked tomato, grilled mushroom, kale salad and avocado tomato salsa salad. Scrambled egg was very decent. I didn’t really enjoy the sausage, thought it was a bit too fatty. Spicy sausage was quite strong taste. Wish avocado was just on the side not with salsa salad. That taste doesn’t much with other food on the plate in my opinion. Egg Benedict, egg was running perfectly. You can choose salmon or ham for your Benedict. I picked ham and it was good. There are a few more dishes that looking interesting and also drink menu, fresh drinks and homemade drinks got me interested. Overall It’s very nice new cute cafe, Worth a visit!

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By: KanaSugar


Lost Bakery

2019-04-21 08:25

By: Nana


By: Taylor

Sheng Sushi

Best sushi in shanghai hands down! Also owners are very accommodating. Love this place!


2019-04-24 18:07

By: 李小囡Bella ☀

Theatre X Showroom

Here to get my free carton of oat milk!!! This is a pop up shop till July. Knew this brand since last year from a friend. The product is with no GMOs and the brand is advocate in promoting health&wellness~ Had a great experience here since the server was extremely nice and helpful.


2019-04-24 17:48

By: Jai Stephens

BMS Organics (Taikoo Hui)

Hello I just called to make a reservation and the individual who picked up said hello then hung up the phone.


2019-04-24 17:46

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