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Dia De Lai

2018-11-08 09:01

I was just walking past Dia De Lai this morning and I noticed a short queue of people, waiting to buy a typical Chinese breakfast. Being curious, I went in and discovered a local version of Tao Yuan, which is cheaper and offers more variety of food and drink. For food, there were many choices, consisting of noodles and various fried items such as youtiao, Chinese pancakes, rice cakes, sesame balls etc. My favorite dish this morning was the Chinese pancake with youtiao, egg, sausage, ham and vegetable fillings. ( Amazing price at Rmb 13!!!). I used to eat this when I first arrived in China more than 20 years ago and breakfast at this restaurant brought back many fond memories. The top seller for this restaurant is definitely the long and straight youtiao. Hahaha. For drinks, you can order a sweet or salty bean curd. Please order the sweet bean curd drink if you have not tried these drinks before, as the salty version is definitely an acquired taste. Prices are really cheap here and normally, you will not spend more than Rmb 20 per person. As this is a small store, you can either dine in or take away. You may have to share your table with other customers as there are limited tables in this restaurant. I enjoyed my simple breakfast today and it was a fun experience. Sometimes, it is great to go back to the basic and traditional dining in China as this was the main reason why I came to here in the first place.

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By: Nana


Smoothie Bowl

2018-11-09 19:15

By: Nana


By: Jeffrey

Kathleen's Waitan

Had a quick dinner after work. As always food was amazing! Today I tried the lamb chops, spicy salmon roll and also angus beef carpaccio. All of them were fantastic. Lamb chops were cooked really well.


2018-11-14 22:18

By: Teppita

Bella Napoli

I visited the other restaurant in Nanjing road, and this one is closer to home. Nice outside area but I felt like it was more for “tourist”.. the real deal is in inside. More authentic atmosphere! After reading the review that it was always packed, I decided to make reservation. They seated me outside but I requested to have table inside. Was a good choice. You can tell how good the restaurant if all the diners that came were all Italian. We had so much fun looking at the staff making the pizza and all the pizza that came out looks so good! Their negroni is very delicious and got some really good kick! Vitelli Tonnato, Frutti di Mare Zuppe and Quattro Staggioni Pizza are what we have tonight. I confirmed that this is the best pizza I’ve had in Shanghai. Period. Service also very good, attentive and quick. This place is definitely our Italian place to go. No doubt about it.


2018-11-14 21:07

By: Jens Klemm


We often come here to pick up a small dinner during the week as we are staying very close by. All salads are fresh and tasty and some of their pastas are also pretty unique (try the chili chorizo!). I can also recommend the carrot cake, yet stay away from the coffee. It is not worth the price.


2018-11-14 20:59

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