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2018-07-10 17:37

Could this be the answer to great Southeast Asian food in Shanghai? It comes close. I was really hoping in trying some home tasting Malaysian flavors (as the Executive Chef is from Malaysia) and we were presented with their Signature Dishes (most Thai inspired). The location of this restaurant is in the very newly opened and chic hotel – The Sukhothai (launched April 2018). Loved the whole ambience and when walking in towards the restaurant, you will also pass a nice bar and lounge area. On arrival, we were given a Lemongrass Juice as a welcome beverage (I thought this was a little watered down and could not really taste much of the lemon grass). After which, we were literally bombarded with a range of food (agree with a previous comment, that the pace was rather quick – a little paced out would have been great). Out of the multiple dishes that were shared – my top picks would be their Wagyu Beef Rendang (this was the dry version and the taste was good – but would have been great if the rendang was cooked way earlier – I.e. back home, we would keep rendang a few days/weeks as the complex flavors and taste develop over time – and moreover the meat would be so tender that it practically falls apart), Barbecue Chick Satay Skewers (loved the peanut sauce – which is key; this was the satay with lean chicken version – I personally prefer mine with a bit more ‘fat’ inserted in between – brings the taste profile up a notch – then again, not as healthy – but yummier!) and their Tom Yum Seafood Soup (soup was good and had some Chili spice – but tasted it had more of a tomato base than tom yum). Aside from those, the Pad Thai was just OK for me – it was a little dry and after mixing up with their sides - sugar, chili flakes and squeezing the lime – it still did not really work and the taste was a little flat. The Vietnamese Scotch egg was interesting – it was one of the most nicely plated dishes of the night. I’ve not tried it before, I liked the texture, but the overall taste was just average for me – you had to really put on quite a bit of the Nuoc Cham Dipping sauce for the kick. Their Thai Style Steamed Seabass with Lime – I really liked the sauce that came with the fish and finally I did also like their Black Pepper Prawns. My top dessert pick for the night was their Vietnamese Iced Coffee Panna Cotta – this was yums!. For their Malacca Style Chendol – they tried to give it a fusion/modern twist and was presented on a curved flat plate – but I so much prefer the original Chendol version – with shaved iced, copious amount of gula Melaka, the ‘green worms’ (green rice flour jelly), coconut milk, red azuki beans and ability to mix this all up in a cup or bowl. All in all – this is a great place to get your Southeast Asian fix and it is in a very nice venue! They have a great concept of ordering based on the number of dishes and a fixed price (regardless if you order their mains or desserts - Lunch prices are lower). This has been shared by other reviewers. Apparently they also change their menu every few months. I will be back to try some of their other dishes (namely Penang Style Char Kway Teow and their Seafood Laksa noodles) – and maybe if the Chef is reading this review – try bringing in Ipoh Hor Fun, Klang Bak Kut Teh, Wan Tan Mee and Penang Assam Laksa :)

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By: Brendan



2018-07-13 13:04

By: Freund


By: Victoria Brendel

Saigon Mama

The service isn’t the best, but the beef pho is really delicious! The food came fast as well


2018-07-17 11:09

By: Victoria Brendel


A good place for a date night!!! The garden soup is really flavorful and the ravioli was really fresh.


2018-07-17 10:57

By: 大米小米洋西米


#奈雪的茶(长风大悦城店)# 20年前的夏夜,自家天井里,枯老的梧桐树下,几张竹凳、几把摇扇、几瓶维他奶、几句家常话,一轮弯月、一家人东拉西扯,便是一段最惬意的辰光。20年后,我不曾背井离乡,但目睹城市在春夏秋冬四季轮回后的日新月异,一些熟悉的面孔远去,一些陌生的面孔来到,我的乡愁可能就停留在20年前那段至今仍闪烁着的时光。 是夜,带老年人锻炼身体,途径奈雪长风大悦城店,白墙金字迎面扑来,简约大气不失格调。望着明显与儿时熟悉的小卖部迥然有异的长风店,我妈居然心生胆怯,缺失了对新鲜事物探寻的勇气,一度踌躇不止,脚步停滞。 硬拉她进店,坐在舒适、明亮、空旷的店内小憩,而我则前去点单,回来将鸣号牌递予她,告诉她最新流行的等号方式:鸣号声响起,便是取茶饮时。她点点头,感觉新奇。 我曾喝过网红奶盖茶饮,也曾觉得仅仅是茶,不论乌龙还是绿茶,都撑不起奶盖的厚重,故一度心生鄙夷,不愿尝试新品。而至奈雪,其中一款新品霸气芝士嘿嘿莓,在兰香乌龙茶底中,融入了夏黑葡萄与新鲜草莓的原果榨汁,将奶盖下的茶饮口味进一步丰富,再搭配升级后的奶盖,这味道就不那么单薄,而是集乌龙的茶香、水果的清甜、与奶盖的浓郁于一身的洋洋洒洒了。 据店员介绍,这是奈雪继网红爆品霸气金钻百香之后再次对水果进行混搭创新,首次推出的霸气鲜果茶系列组合产品之一,另一款则是霸气芝士桃桃莓,顾名思义,是新鲜水蜜桃,与草莓原果榨汁,混合兰香乌龙而成。但偏爱葡萄的我,还是觉得霸气芝士嘿嘿莓,其中的夏黑葡萄果肉多汁的口感,甜蜜的味道,和清爽的香气更吸引我。而此番的奶盖,也经过升级迭代,口感更绵密顺滑,雪白的,就像刚刚出浴的仙女美肌一般嫩滑爽口,清香扑鼻,可以说活色生香了。(推荐搭配青提魔法棒) 店内的玻璃橱窗内,放置着造型可爱的软欧包,热情洋溢的店员,还给我妈尝了些黑醋栗,老年人直说过瘾,欢乐得仿佛一个未经世事的少女,手捧着茶饮咕噜咕噜大口喝着,带着水果的甜蜜、茶饮的清爽、奶盖的香甜,像手里的小太阳。 我的乡愁不是站在远方看故乡的思念,没有对着月亮怀念人或景的的浪漫和忧伤。我的乡愁,仅仅是和家人共度欢乐的时光,满足对尝试新鲜事物的好奇,以及共同探索这个城市的日新月日。听说,奈雪每月第一周都会推出一款霸气鲜果茶新品,我与老妈拭目以待。 以上。


2018-07-17 10:56

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