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Moka Bros

2019-03-19 02:48

Take a simple sentence on Moka Bro’s wall that says “ Forget skinny, train to be badass”. Well, I was at the restaurant last weekend and I just wanna use “Be Badass” verse only and nothing else, hahaha. I hope I do not get into trouble by posting this review. Another BA PU informed me that Moka Bros started in Beijing and I should give it a try.. I agree with the recommendation. Firstly, the place is centrally located at Sanlitun and it is decorated in a modern, playful way. They have a bar, high and low tables, beanbags and interesting graffiti on the wall. Indoor seatings only. This place was packed during the weekends and the guests were mainly youngsters. I ordered the mixed berry and avocado smoothies, roast beef salad, beef rolls, salmon with black rice and berry cheese cake. For a start, the portions of food and drinks are huge. I enjoyed the smoothies so much that I requested for a second order of the same drink. Beef rolls were the top dish last weekend as the roast beef was tender and juicy. No complaints about the rest of the food. The berry cheesecake is really delicious as it was creamy, rich in cheese flavor and not too sweet. Overall, it was a great meal. Prices are really reasonable.

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By: Nana


Drawing Room

2019-03-21 07:12

By: Nana


By: Agnes 艾思洁

Bistro 108

Small place with a simple design. We tried it for their workday lunch offer : 98 RMB - for two courses: starter and a main; 108 RMB - includes also a desert. Everything we tried was well done and delicious, but simple. I feel like I should come back for dinner to really try the place.


2019-03-23 15:39

By: Nana

The Palace Museum

Spring is here and we visited the Palace Museum ( PM) last weekend. This place is crowded but it is a must go destination for tourists in China. Please remember to book your entrance ticket online before going to the PM and bring along your passport. Entering the place will be much easier, after going through the normal security check. It is a huge place and therefore, be prepared to spend at least half a day. The weather was great and there were many tourists, especially students at PM last weekend. Most of the students were guided by their teachers when they visited the place. We truly enjoyed the trip as they were many sights to enjoy. Overall, a great trip.


2019-03-23 07:29

By: Nana

Great Wall Museum

Friends were visiting us in China last week and we decided to visit the Great Wall. It was a great decision as the weather was nice in Beijing and surprisingly, it was not crowded at the Great Wall. At the base camp, we took a bus and then walked to the top of the Great Wall. The whole round trip from Beijing City took us about six hours. Great Wall is one of the seven wonders of the world and it never fails to amaze me, whenever I go there. The highlight of the trip was a beautiful white cat we saw at the start of the Great Wall. This cat was amazing as the color of both eyes were different; one was green and the other one was yellow. The cat was fat and friendly, and he continued to follow us and meowed for food. When we offered him fries, he was happy and ate a lot. Interesting cat, don’t you think so? Overall, we loved our Great Wall trip.


2019-03-23 00:07

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