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2019-06-05 13:17

Went here a while ago to try out their fantastic summer menu. Delicious Japanese-inspired cuisine with a great medley of flavors and a very reasonable drinks menu. The dinner I went to was vegan, so you know they have those options and they are great. If you eat meat, they have plenty of options too.

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By: lainxc


Bistrot B Lounge • Bar

2019-06-07 13:32

By: Green Eggs and Ham


By: ɑlbɑ

EL Barrio

This place isn’t European, it’s a Mexican restaurant with a large collection of 100% Agave Tequila. The cocktails are great and the food is very close to original Mexican cuisine. All the dishes are amazing, the Chef really does an amazing job in each one of the platters.


2019-07-18 18:14

By: Mike Shaw

Vegetarian Tiger

"Veggie Tiger" is, hands-down, the best vegan spot for people who aren't vegetarian or vegan. They boast a vast menu of staple dishes from many regions/cuisines, and most folks wouldn't know that the dishes are free from animal products if you didn't tell them. Many friends that I have brought there have been stunned that the dishes tasted so "normal." For myself, their mapo tofu is among the best that I've ever had- vegan or not. I also love the decor at this location. It's such a stark difference from the cold, empty Full Link Plaza that it sits within. The wood and Earthy fabrics everywhere make it feel homey and welcoming, even when it's busy and bustling (which is almost always). As with many vegatarian & vegan places in China, there are some caveats: If you love spicy food, be aware that "spicy" on a menu might not be what you are expecting. This is because many Chinese vegans or vegatarians are Buddhist, and they eschew things like garlic and strong spices. If you want "real" spicy, then just ask them to make it extra spicy, and they'll make you happy... Also, there's no alcohol or soda on the menu. Fresh juices only.


2019-07-17 09:24

By: Anne

VUE Hotel Houhai Beijing

Hidden right off of the south side of Houhai Lake, in between hutong streets so narrow and mislabeled that your DiDi driver may not find it, is a fantastic modern oasis with a great included breakfast, cafe for coworking, patio for afternoon conversations, and nightclub atmosphere around the clock. The rooms have many automated features like electric blinds and mood lighting themed by city or time of day. Beds are big and comfy, just like the robes, towels, and rainfall shower head. Nespresso in the room to wake you up and a few complimentary bottles of water every day so you aren’t tempted to drink fron the tap. Design is inventive and forward leaning toward a luxury experience, but for a creative let-me-do-it-myself mindset.


2019-07-15 07:33

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