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By: Jesus QUINTANA - 何书慈

Susan’s Bar

Cute Italian restaurant and Bar in Shuangjing area. Cooker and chef are Italians and it makes the difference, together with true Italian first quality products. They not only take care of the taste, but also presentation of the courses. Furthermore they are very kind and funny, and pay great attention on welfare of their customers. I tried a rockets salad with burrata, green and red cherry tomatoes and black olives mixed with an excellent dressing. I had a Lassagna as main course, a standard but really tasty one made of Bolognese sauce. It is easy to notice everything is home made because of its amazing taste. I also tried a more trendy lasagna with mortadella pistachio and pesto sauce as main toppings. Amazing! I finished with a tiramisu as desert. I have to admit that it was the best tiramisu I have tried in many time. Great end for a wonderful lunch. As drink I had Italian beer and a wonderful café latte. I’m sure I will come back again


2020-05-31 18:16

By: Hug MeSmile

Sumer Beer

I love it, and environment very clean and comfortable, and here have many foreigners drink beer, this Beer bar have different wine different taste flavor, this feeling so cool This wine bar have some beer very popular with foreigners, Thunder Hands Little General IPA. Okta Hazy Double IPA Honey MA Gold and do on The wine bar have enjoy music when you tired or party, here is best choice, and here park u can walking around find it have funny


2020-05-30 18:03

By: Gaiya Yu

Beersmith Gastropub

Beersmith is as nice as usual. It will never let you down!! I went there for a lunch with a friend. I ordered Angus beef tenderloin, spicy garlic shrimps, and Arugula salad. The Angus beef is so tender and juicy, along with the baked garlic, really delicious! The salad is full of Argula and with a lot of avocado in it, with the delicious sauce, can’t be better! The spicy shrimps has heavy flavor, with the garlic slice in it, it’s a must for spicy lover for sure. If u come to beersmith, for sure a beer is necessary. Their own brew beer is one of the best in town. Blood orange session IPA is very recommended! With the good vibe in Beersmith, u can enjoy the food and lively atmosphere at the same time! I am very Looking forward for the lady’s night starts again!!


2020-05-27 00:57


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