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By: Glenn_Boy

13 Factories

Very good Banh Mi . Nice and clean located on the 2 nd Floor . Entrance is on the ground floor and food and drink are on the 2 nd . Plenty of choices with craft beer , wine , cocktails . Food menu has Western and Asian choices . The Cajun Banh Mi with fried cheese was very good .


2019-11-17 15:59

By: Fran

Over Easy By Senses

This has been on my list for the longest time so I made sure to pay a visit the next time I’m in Guangzhou! And I MM glad I squeezed in this brunch from a very busy schedule! I loved everything about this place! Ambiance is great, service is good, and they have freshly made breads and pastries! We ordered the Angus burger, eggs Benedict, and pancake. The Angus burger was full of flavour so so so good! It was supposed to come with a side of sweet potato fries but they didn’t have any that day so we settled for ordinary fries-they were good as well. Eggs Ben were just like any other ordinary one. The pancake was the star of the place!! I don’t know how to explain how good this was. It was beautifully plated & presented and tasted even better! I’m not sure what the batter was made of but the the pancake had carrots in it and was sweet at the same time- topped with fresh fruits and ricotta cream - it was seriously amazing. I’m definitely going back to this place every time I’m in guangzhou!


2019-11-15 11:06

By: Fran

Hay Coffee Company

Finally tried Hay Coffee! The atmosphere is great, they have a lot of seating so it’s great for having coffee with friends. I had a flat white since they claim they have the best one. It was ok-nothing great.


2019-11-07 15:01

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