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Xiang Gang Fu Lin Huang Gong

2017-11-16 18:03

Located in a big shopping mall, this place is huge (we were sat on table number 312). The service was friendly and the food was decent. Dim sum starts early at 7.30am and continues till 3pm which isn’t unusual in Guangdong. We were asked if we wanted small or large tea cups - not knowing what the sizes were I opted for small which turned out to be tiny. The ordering system is one where you use a pencil to tick dishes you want. This did cause some issues as they missed two of our dishes and when we chased the waiter said he added them but after another long wait we realized he didn’t which meant the meal ended up taking several hours. But other than that the meal was enjoyable. Menu has English although almost all of the translations were bizarre and inaccurate as you can see from the photos.

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By: London Peter


Xiang Gang Fu Lin Huang Gong

2017-11-16 12:56

By: London Peter


By: Castor Troy

Fen Fang Tian Pin

It’s a place I would visit to soak up some alcohol after an early night of drinking. I say early because they close at 11pm. They serve Cantonese street or fast food, such as noodles, fried rice, porridge, and fried stuff. The main attraction though are the desserts. The “double skin milk” is silky and smooth. A bowl will set you back a whopping 10rmb. 3/5 peaches


2017-11-20 09:59

By: Castor Troy

Niu Yi Fang

Chiu chow style hotpot. Not the best that I’ve had. The broth is quite plain. Quality of beef is also just average. Some cuts are quite chewy and tough. The quality of vegetables were better than the beef. 3/5 peaches


2017-11-19 20:46

By: Castor Troy

Qian Jie Ka Fei Guan

A quant coffee/roastery located on a quiet street. Their handpours are excellent, and it’s what they are known for. I had the Costa Rica, and it was floral with mild acidity. 30/rmb for a cup. 4/5 peaches


2017-11-19 14:09

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