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By: Thomas

Chinserie by Jumeirah

We came here for the Chinese Restaurant Week, near K11, and the French Consulate. Menu looked quite attractive for 148rmb. We flnally had an even better deal from the restaurant, which proposes a semi buffet with salad bar, one soup, dessert buffet and one main at 228rmb(198rmb without the main), and there was a promotion at 148rmb from the hotel official account to promote the restaurant that opened not long ago. With beef wellington being one of the choice for main, we didnt hesitate long. Amongst the other options, lamb kofta, one seafood risotto, and we followed the recommandation to order the seafood linguinnia. The place is elegant, you have some big teddy bears companions on each table, and the food is fresh. Let’s say it is a good hotel buffet and i generally prefer semi buffet to buffet. Easier and better to control the qty of food you eat.


2021-09-27 13:33

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