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By: Zack

Guangzhou Martyr's Memorial Park

One of several sites in Guangzhou dedicated to China's struggle for socialist revolution. This park in particular honor's heroes who fought the Koumingtang in the 1927 uprising in Guangzhou. Martyr's Memorial Park is one of the larger parks in the city and offers visitors a unique and reflective look at those who died to preserve China's socialist ideals. It can take as little as 90 minutes to walk the main routes of the park but you should plan to spend at least 4-5 hours there if you really want to appreciate the scenic beauty and read the historical markers.


2021-04-11 10:07

By: Zack

Madam Bah

Madam Bah is one of the few African restaurants that survived the period of Covid19 lockdown and mass exodus of Africans in Guangzhou. Fortunately, their business has been doing quite well. Serving West African cuisine primarily from Guinea and Senegal, Madam Bah is an expat favorite largely due to low-priced authentic dishes and accommodating staff. Their menu is HALAL.


2021-04-10 20:41

By: Pavement Chaser

Tim Horton’s

A much enjoyed slice of Western goodies. Tim Horton’s is a staple in Canada and the US. They offer a variety of decent coffee beverages, bagels, and doughnuts. The coffee arrived hot and tasty. The doughnut bites were tasty and reasonably priced. Will definitely have again!


2021-04-10 11:14


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