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By: Glenn_Boy

Happy Monk Kinggold

Great place with great food and ambiance . Funky , fresh and inviting. A lot of great European food with a large section of Craft Beer , Cider , Wine and Cocktails . Very cool place to meet friends for breakfast, lunch and dinner Their share plates are great


2019-12-28 20:30

By: Glenn_Boy

The Paddy Field

The Paddy Field has been a staple in Guangzhou for many years Good Irish Bar with the usual beer offerings and food . They have reopened on the ground floor across from their old venue A nice place to relax with friends


2019-12-28 20:20

By: Glenn_Boy

BB MOJO Burgers and Bat

Great Burgers . Excellent Value . Only newly opened this place is great . The best burgers I have had in a long time . Freshly Toasted Brioche Buns with your choice of Wagyu Beef Patties or Chicken Thighs . All ingredients are extremely fresh The portions are enough per person and with the Chicken Burger starting at ¥38 and the Wagyu Beef from ¥48 the value is excellent They have a selection of craft beer in bottles . Great food , great value and funky venue I will definitely be back


2019-12-28 19:29


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