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After Work

2017-11-19 00:20

The definition of great neighborhood bar. A brilliant owner smiling and slinging the drinks. Customers talking to each other in an intimate space. And props for an amazing 70s-80s soundtrack. This is what so many bars should be. Home. Try the taco rice!

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By: Sergei



2017-11-14 00:40

By: R


By: Freund

Eli Falafel (New)

Decided to order Eli (as it was quite cold out), and I don’t understand all of the hype. Now, that’s not saying it isn’t delicious, but I still find it on the level of other kebab joints. With that said, I’d still order again or physically go there if I was in a rush and couldn’t think of anything else. The chicken shawarma wrap was tasty, and the French fries inside provide a good crunch (40¥). The labneh bel toum dip was light and refreshing, but was confused when it arrived with no veggies or bread to dip. Just 40¥ for the actual dip. Oh well, definitely a good edition to the area, and maybe give it a shot if you’re close.


2017-11-20 17:17

By: Sergei

Mystic South Yunnan Ethnic Cuisine

Simple cheap and tasty Yunnanese food which explains the full tables. The minced beef with peppers was delicious and the mushrooms in the salad were an amazing touch that I won’t complain about the orange. The bbq fish was delicately seasoned and cooked perfectly. Topped off with some yunnan noodles - clear broth and various sausage and other bits thrown in - this is food that can fill you up. Lunch for 4 was 200 rmb.


2017-11-20 17:09

By: Sergei

Lao Gao Jiu

This is not an expat friendly MBA Case Study in service like HaiDiLao so be warned. What you do get is a closer transplant of the famous Chongqing style hot pot places that abound in Sichuan and CQ. You can select two broths and we chose the mala and a mushroom broth. Fireeaters may still be somewhat disappointed but I had no complaints with the kick. You also get a myriad of innards and offal choices if that’s your fancy. I loved the sheep stomach but was less sold on the kidneys. My wife raved about the frog. Veggies were extremely fresh and the fish was also a nice change. Condiments were plentiful along with the requisite fruit. As this location is a new open - there is a great 30-40% off meaning spend was under 300 for 3. Last I didn’t suffer from the gassy oily feeling that so often accompanies hotpot. I’ll be back.


2017-11-20 16:58

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