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RAC Coffee

2018-11-12 19:50

I went to try brunch at RAC coffee a while ago. We wanted to book a day in advance but at that time I couldn’t find contact info anywhere. So first come, first serve. Fortunately we didn’t have to wait long. We all had gallettes: Far east, one with salmon and one with pork sausage. I tried them all and my favorite is Far east (pancetta, egg, cheese, mushroom and cream). They were all very rich, tasty and filling. Service was quick and friendly, we got our food only 5-10 minutes after our orders, and the waiters served us with a smile. They also serve salads, sandwiches and crepes. Prices for gallettes range from 70 to 98 yuan. I would recommend it for brunch in Old Xuhui.

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By: Chiara


The Alley

2018-11-19 00:30

By: Nana


By: Franziska P

Beef & Liberty Burgers (SHANGHAI CENTRE) Shanghai

Love love love their fried feta beetroot salad!! Has a nice vinegar dressing and is nice and light!


2018-11-19 17:47

By: Elena Lin

Moka Bros

I like the location, the atmosphere and the furniture! It’s cool as hell, and the coffee are good. I usually study there and meet my friends.


2018-11-19 17:30

By: Liliana

Urban Thai Dagu Branch

Went there a few weeks ago. Didn't know what to expect. Hot pot in a Thai place? OMG... best tom khab ever. Great idea!! Soup was so savory, thick. We had like 4 refills cuz we couldn't get enough. Just perfect! The fish balls, meat and veggies kept coming nonstop. Great idea!


2018-11-19 17:08

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