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2017-09-17 11:32

Sadly didn't make it for restaurant week, so had to go back and check it out. I've been told by so many people that Colca was fantastic, and they weren't wrong. The atmosphere is romantic and well lite, nice for a date or friendly outing - try and sit outside for an even better experience The food: decided to go with the cured salmon (118¥), the chicken croquettes (45¥) and the platter of lamb, and two different chickens (80¥) The salmon was disappointing. It was extremely fishy, and didn't have a smoke or cured flavour at all - wouldn't order again (ate less then half) The croquettes were delicious however. Thy had the perfect crunch, and beautifully soft interior. The 3 skewer dish is also a must get if you go. The three different styles of meat will have you leaving wanting more. For less then 500¥ for 2 people, 3 dishes, and 2 drinks, it's a great deal.

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By: Freund


Deli Boys

2017-09-14 20:19

By: Freund


By: erna

La Cabane

It was our first time eating at La Cabane and we love it, we love the food, we love the ambience and the service. Food is very delicious and the service is awesome. All the staffs, especially the manager, are very attentative. We ordered Parmentier du canard which I really recommend to try, Cheese Fondue and Le Beuf which is very tender and tasty. We also like our dessert Croque Nutella Caramel.


2017-09-21 07:14

By: SYD又饿了

Madison Kitchen

淮海中路1414号的Madison Kitchen随着租约到期*,于昨日9月20日落下帷幕,更加准确说是暂时告别公众一段时间。 我有幸成为该店当晚最后一名顾客,并和爱的人一起分享爱的食物,正如店家倡导的Life is a picnic理念,好的食物是用来分享的。 我超爱这里的牛肉三明治,这次来又点了pho的三明治,牛肉蘸酱元素灵感都来源于越南米粉。以及最爱单品hot chili soup墨西哥辣酱汤和s'more甜品。 据说之后会搬到东湖路上,大家拭目以待吧。


2017-09-21 06:58

By: Alayna Wood

Al's Diner

First off, I love milkshakes and this place does milkshakes extremely well. They have at least 10 different flavors and use their own high quality ice cream from Gracie's and mix them to the perfect consistency. I would come here for the shakes alone, even If everything else they made was terrible. Luckily, it's not. Their blueberry pancakes are huge and fluffy and their breakfast burrito is amazing. Best of all, the restaurant serves all day breakfast. I've also tried the burger, which was passable but I've had better ones elsewhere.


2017-09-21 03:17

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