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Dian Du De

2019-03-21 09:42

I was curious about Dian Du De (DDD) because it has more than 12 thousand dianping reviews. This is a world Guinness record, as far as I am concerned. Hahaha. DDD has many outlets in shanghai and most of them are located in shopping centers. Decorations are basic but you find many colorful glass panels at this restaurant. Be patient when you come to this restaurant as you may have to queue for a table. At weekend lunch, the queue may be really long. DDD specializes in serving Cantonese dimsum at really cheap price ( less than Rmb 150 per person). Wow..... The restaurant sells normal dim sum dishes but these dishes are really well prepared. The top dishes are shrimp dumpling, rice rolls, steamed vegetables, chicken feet, egg tart, fried bean curd with seafood and mango sago desserts. Most customers will also order the kungfu Chinese tea set when they are at DDD and you will be given a very beautiful tea set to prepare your own Chinese tea. The whole tea preparation process actually a very traditional and fun, and it is also great for photo taking. Been to DDD and done it. If I have to queue again the next time I am back, I will have to think twice. But I was happy with the food and drink at DDD when I was there.

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By: Nana


Sichuan Citizen

2019-03-17 08:39

By: Nana


By: Lori

Chair Club

It’s super close to where we live but really first time came here. I will say I love here!!! The atmosphere was sooooo good. I checked the reviews before I come, everyone said music good here, I believe that. After I came, it’s really amazing the live music I totally love it, funk&soul also have some R&B, singer and players all so good!!! The live music usually start when 10pm, work day Maby 9:30. For the drinks, they have happy hours before 9pm buy one get one free, beer and cocktails, it’s great. Cost beer usually 50rmb, cocktails 50-78rmb. I feel good when staff asked if we can change table to the two people seat because more people coming and our table is for 4 people, they said can give us two free drinks, I know we have the best place but happy with that. I’m appreciate they said that because I feel comfortable with that and next time I also will feel good to change tables even no free drinks. Definitely will come back, it’s so good for live music. Also people can dance as much they want. Great place.


2019-03-23 22:59

By: 甲鱼 Jiayu




2019-03-23 22:12

By: Cathrine


Amazing food and ambiance! One of the best meals we’ve ever had :-)


2019-03-23 22:05

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