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By: 蛋花源记


“坛启荤香飘四邻,佛闻弃禅跳墙来”,这可是对佛跳墙的最佳褒评,享有“吉祥如意、福寿双全”的好寓意,在我心里这款美食一直有着高高在上的地位,岂乃我等平民可享?殊不知,有位匠心独具的好厨师郑十八为了让这一菜品平民化,煞费苦心将佛跳墙的食材与捞饭相结合从而改变传统捞饭的烹饪方式,以米饭为舞台,佛跳墙为道具,秉承“将价高难求的名菜平民化”,以平价的方式在民间推广,让每个人都有机会一尝其鲜美。同时在食材的选取上同样地精益求精,严选海参,鲍鱼等数十种名贵食材,坚持15小时熬煮,23道工序,连续13年的精粹,只为这一碗佛跳墙捞饭,每一位食客都值得拥有。   藏身于人广附近的这家郑十八,店铺虽不大,却一直秉承这样的匠心回馈每一位食客。最近听说还有个大动作,十八娘空降店里要来挑战佛跳墙,哇塞,这可是大事件,速来围观。   一进店里就感受到了迎面扑来的老港风味,各式街景一览无遗,熟悉的Sasa药妆店,港式茶餐厅,代入感非常强烈,店里除了有主营的佛跳墙捞饭外,各式港式茶点,特色小吃,也很值得一试。   至尊仙品佛跳墙,装在龙纹的容器里,仪式感十足,十八娘一声令下,坛开启,闻香四溢,金黄浓醇的汤汁令人迷醉,鲍鱼,花胶,海参,虾等尽数珍贵食材皆可捞起,每一勺都有惊喜,这一口下去的胶原蛋白,绝对地大补,这一份下去,又是一记营养爆击,适合3-4人一起享用。   招牌佛跳墙,性价比更高的店内招牌单品,68元一份的捞饭,鲍鱼花胶已然尽收眼底,还搭配水果小菜,适合一个入店食用。   咖喱鱼丸,鲜黄的咖喱搭配Q弹的鱼丸,浓郁十足,鲜香满口,让人欲罢不能,   虾饺和港式凤爪,经典的老港风味,每次去茶餐厅必点,价格实惠东西好吃,搭配奶茶或者柠檬茶,非常棒的下午茶选择。   不愧是人广平价第一的平价餐厅,值得过来一试。


2020-07-10 01:27

By: Nathalie


Two bakeries that are not far from each other in this section of Maoming Road. One is Briant, the other is Fascino. This period is the plastic free July Challenge, and I tried in both bakeries to ask not to put the bread in their bag (paper bag but with thin layer of plastic to make it more "waterproof" and "oil-proof"). Briant accepted, while the waitress at Fascino was concerned about rules and hygiene. As for the taste, both are similar, need to taste more in coming months. Here it is all written in French, but when I see that Pain au Chocolat/Chocolatine is called Chocolate croissant, hem hem, I have some doubts haha but taste is good, it does not have to be French to be good, just stop fooling us !


2020-07-10 00:23

By: grant sprick

Awesome Kids Club

So I am not small. Typically at these indoor playgrounds I just sit around and judge other parents that are constantly on their phones. Here is different. I got into it. Jumped on things. Slid down things. Put things together. Kicked it down. Bought fake fruit/vegetables. This is a solid place built for some serious co-play without being super pretentious.


2020-07-09 23:19

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