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By: Marina 马晓倩

Joy Cafe

The place is inside Shanghai BMW experience center. Location is absolutely beautiful, staff is really friendly and helpful. I just had a cup of tea and a dessert, very nice and prices are adequate. Want to come back to try other dishes, I've been told there are some German food items on the menu.


2021-01-23 23:08

By: Marina 马晓倩

Nanxiang Old Town

This old town is not as far from the downtown as it seems.Very convenient to come by subway line 11. Nanxiang is famous for their xiaolongbao (sorry, no picture), there are some popular spots to try it and also some street food too. There is a famous temple and two pagodas. The atmosphere is nice, you will feel you're not in Shanghai. If you compare to Qibao, this one is much better. Perfect for one day trip.


2021-01-23 22:29

By: 毛康瑞 - Carlos

Palatino Roman Cuisine

Pasta carbonara with truffle is a must to try, very thin pizza that is worth to eat although would be appreciated more quantity of food, otherwise feels not so worth. Overall I do consider it’s a bit expensive, would be more balanced the quality with the price if they add more quantity to pizzas and pasta or they reduce the price.


2021-01-23 17:02


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