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By: Reijnaldo

White Castle (K11)

White Castle K11 basement foodcourt . For a fast quick hamburger and or slider “fix”go to “white castle”.


2021-06-17 00:52

By: Reijnaldo

Peter's Gourmet

Peter’s gourmet in the basement of K11. A tiny kitchen steak fridge , cooking plate and counter that’s it ! A budget friendly steak destination “ heaven “ You choose your steak ( all kinds of steak cuts available but also Foie gras , you pay they immediately start Preparing in front of you and your steak snack is ready to be served in minutes. It was tender Juicy and tasty!


2021-06-17 00:46

By: Reijnaldo


Mikkeller xintiandi Great spot for outdoor chillax moments. There indoor area looks nice , they have 8 kind of beers on draft & multiple fruits beers on bottle . The terrace was packed due to Eufa 2020 games which they are showing . So for the coming months if you look for a more relax atmosphere for watching football outdoors mikkeller is the place in xintiandi


2021-06-17 00:31


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