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2019-06-05 12:33

I dine at Hatsune at IAPM often as it is located in the same building as my gym. We go there often as the restaurant offers really fresh sashimi and sushi at affordable price. Great for muscle building. Service quality is also really good. When I was there earlier this week, I noted that the restaurant is organizing a special supper club event on 6 June, Thursday at 21.00 ( ie tomorrow night). Promotion starts from Rmb 100 and this is really good value for money. This should be a fun event as it will be held at the restaurant’s patio and Dj entertainment is provided. Really cool.....

By: Nana



2019-06-07 19:59

By: Nana


By: Ellen

Los Mansion

I am just wondering why nobody noticed this hidden amazing place! So good for lunch or dinner in the calm beautiful area between Changning and JingAn district! Just try it!


2019-07-18 23:55

By: Brad B

Bun Cha Cha

Ordered on eleme. Was blown away by the quality of the food and presentation. Best spring rolls (sometimes called garden rolls as they're not fried) in Shanghai. Peanut sauce was also on point. Really enjoyed the pork bun cha. The mix of meatballs and strips of meat was great. Vermacelli noodles were perfect. Greens were fresh and flavorful. Sauces were a nice touch. Would like to visit the restaurant as it looks awesome, can't wait to eat here again. The set is ¥79 normally before fees but with two discounts, I paid ¥60 total. Awesome.


2019-07-18 22:06

By: Melanie Garcia

Barros Coffee

Very nice surprise :) We just stopped by because we were starving and we had low expectations but when we got in we found a very cute cafe/restaurant with delicious pasta :) It was tasty, not too expensive and nice environment.


2019-07-18 19:28


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