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Joyful Restaurant

2019-09-14 13:36

Joyful has two really successful and popular Chinese restaurants in Wenzhou and one of them been operating for more than 45 years. Good news is that Joyful group has just opened an outlet in Shanghai and you can now taste its authentic and delicious Wenzhou cuisine here. Joyful In Shanghai is located at about 30 minutes drive from city centre on level 3 of a newly opened food mall. The restaurant can occupy more than 150 guests and it has about 8 private rooms. The largest private room can occupy up to 17 to 20 guests. Decorations of the place are basic, simple but comfortable. Joyful is an ideal choice for group functions and Chinese wedding dinners. We had more than 30 dishes last night. Really? Yes and we finished eating all of them, hahaha. Wenzhou is famous for its seafood dishes and some of the top dishes we enjoyed last night were the fish cake appetizer, parsley with dried prawn, steamed crab with pork balls and pickled vegetable, steamed razor clams and beef hotpot. For dessert, we had the sweet sesame balls with oozing filing. Yummy. The food dishes were delicious, not oily and cooked with fresh ingredient. Portions are huge and really affordable. We really enjoyed our dinner last night. Waiter services were average and I wish they would change our plates more often. Overall conclusion: I will definitely visit this restaurant again when I crave for Chinese food and I happen to be in the neighborhood.

By: Nana



2019-09-14 13:36

By: Nana


By: Andrea

The Rabbit Hole

Wirst time getting food from there because I like to try out their salads. I had a chicken curry salad with qinoa and avocado. The dressing was good, the chicken had for my taste a too strong curry powder flavour which I did not like but the rest was quite tasty and fresh.


2019-09-18 19:31

By: sharon espiritu

UR Bakers

Brand new bakery that looks promising. They are in their stages of soft opening at the moment. I see many savoury goods. No sweets yet. I’ll visit again next week to see what they have in terms of sweet desserts


2019-09-18 18:58

By: Lulu

The Shed

Who doesnt love them some 2rmb chicken wings...showed uo famished and ordered 10 and let's just say i wanted to go home and sleep, sooo stuffed! Super chill as always


2019-09-18 18:45


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