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Mr.potato Tu Dou Xian Sheng (Man Du Dian )

2019-08-20 18:09

The best value that u spend of food, especially the chefs made sauce for all different dishes, salads, fries, i don't want to say is cheap, only best describe is less expensive. This is a lot of forienger students name the place " MY SECOND HOME ". in such i can find the potato salad and fries are the taste of home, and bread as well. They have a IItalian cold brew coffee, which is so good and favourable. ( limited supply ).

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By: Kenjiro


Jumeirah Nanjing

2019-08-21 10:11

By: Masha 马莎


By: Nargiz ~ Luna


Coco is one of those places where I always buy drinks. I love their caramel milk tea and lemon juice. Ordering is very simple, as well as finding this place. Coco is one of the largest brands, so find it easy very much. You can order online or make an order directly at cashier. What I like is when ordering any drink, you can choose the level of sugar, the temperature of the drink and additives to the drink...Recommend


2019-08-24 17:01

By: Nargiz ~ Luna

Jackob Arabic Restaurant

I love this restaurant and atmosphere there. Everything is clean and nice. The food is very tasty, especially chicken soup. Oh, I love their chicken soup, always when I come to this restaurant I order it. I have never been disappointed. Everything is tasty, clean, the workers are friendly and polite. The atmosphere in the restaurant is amazing. I recommend to everyone.


2019-08-24 16:52

By: Nargiz ~ Luna


I was twice in Chaley and twice ordered boneless fish with jollof rice. Amazing taste: tender and spicy fish, delicious salad and soft, yummy jollof rice. Very tasty. I tried African cuisine for the first time. The place is very nice to sit with friends, play different games, watch movies and so on. The stuff there are very polite and the food served is very nice. The prices are reasonable. African cuisine has a unique taste, really liked it. I recommend to everyone try food in Chaley.


2019-08-24 15:03

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