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2019-09-16 21:38

Love the atmosphere in this bar, also possible to eat a decent snack for fair price. The menu system is a QR code placed on the table, so you can scan via Wechat, order (also in English) and it will arrive in short time. I had spicy sausage paste and a Moscow mule. Ladies night on Thursdays is legendary and the mini store integrated into the bar, where you can buy whole bottles of wine, champagne, gin, whiskey & Co. and international beers for a good price :) Can recommend this place - especially to start the party with friends :)

By: Masha 马莎


2019-09-14 16:26

By: Tanz 宁兰


By: Waz - 唐华威

Ultra Kebab

Best kebab in Nanjing! They only have chicken kebabs but it's nice and big with lots of garlic sauce and fat fries! The guys working there speak English as well incase your Chinese isn't great. sorry about my bad photos!


2019-09-18 19:06

By: Tracy Ha

Mr. Potato

Its nice place, good food. so happy when i see my mother’s language on the board ;))


2019-09-18 09:58

By: Mark

Real Bread Cafe

I go here a bit as it's one of the very few decent western style cafes in Nanjing. I just called in for tea and cake. I had the carrot cake and also the pineapple cake. The carrot cake itself was as good as any I've tried anywhere - well done, though the icing wasn't right, basically just cream, rather than being a thicker sweet cream cheese style. But again, the 'meat' of the cake was superb. the pineapple cake looked amazing but had some unusual flavours, I would pass on that. Try the apple pie/cake thing, I've had that before and it's excellent (I should have had that again instead of the pineapple cake)


2019-09-18 08:20


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