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2019-06-05 20:49

When your night turns to be a surprise , I’ve found a McDonald’s with a playground. This is not common in China , to my disbelief it’s at a mall in Maqun metro stop. Very exciting to know this is available, an option for when I need a break. Just an evening cold dessert , cheap and yummy.

By: Yahaira 玉丽


No Worries澳式餐吧

2019-06-07 13:08

By: Paige


By: Joel

Tap Planet Co.

I'm not here to write a serious review of the whole establishment, but simply to wax poetic, on the sad state of the hot dog in China. I understand that cultures differ, and tastes abound. But, just as a native Beijinger has the right to turn his nose up at Panda Express at a De Moines shopping mall, I too, have the right to pine for a dirty water dog in Central Nanjing. You see this establishment may not have the culinary acumen to know the difference, but a true hot dog is not just the combination of requisite ingredients, but a symphony of texture and flavor calibrated for maximum harmony and minimum resistance to inhalation. The skin of the sausage is barely discernable from the meat, and even though the pallid white bun has been nearly steamed into nonexistence, it still provides resistance greater than its counterpart, allowing one's incisors to gently cleave a correct amount of meat-to-bread ratio at will. Unlike tap planet's, where a tough skin and oversized bun result in the bread pulling away before the sausage breaks, making oral portion-control a near impossibility. Toppings (unless you are of a particular Midwestern persuasion) are minimal, with a streak of mustard and, possibly relish carefully laid on top of the tube meat, with care to ensure any disturbance only drives the accompanying flavor deeper into the delicious void, not spilling it haphazardly over innocent and unsuspecting hands. At tap planet, ketchup, DARE I SAY THE KINDERGARTEN EQUIVALENT OF A CONDIMENT WHICH BARELY RATES HIGHLY ENOUGH TO HAVE FRIES DIPPED IN IT, is squiggled willy-nilly over the bun! Making a mockery of any notions of hygienic integrity. This may seem a bit much, far too passionate an ode to spare for a lowly bar snack. Yet I say nay, for if all you care to serve me is a cheap sausage in bread, then that is all you will ever have served, never, a hot dog.


2019-07-17 21:05

By: Thura

Jackob Arabic Restaurant

Love Jacob Restaurant..been there a lot! Really enjoy the food and the price is also affordable. Great staff and service by the team. A real nice place to chill among friends also. Really recommend the restaurant!!


2019-07-17 20:07

By: Jeremy

Egg Soul

Pretty good for fast food. The scrambled egg is overwhelmed on the burger, but it was still tasty. The coddled egg was good, but the bread was stale.


2019-07-16 14:57


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