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By: Sarah

Turkish Doner & Kebab

The food is really amazing, the taste is excellent . the price also is reasonable and the boss is very friendly, I highly recommend this place


2021-06-13 23:15

By: Sophia

Brigadoon Bar & Grill

Loved it! We asked to host a baby shower and it was perfect. Food was finger licking good, the atmosphere was great , Nancy who was scheduled for the whole day was such a great host/bartender/waitress. Thank you Ian and staff.


2021-06-11 23:22

By: William Smelser

Smoke King

This a new American BBQ place in Hexi. It is nice on the outside and inside. I got the brisket sandwich and it was flavorful. It was kinda smallish (and greasy), but tasted very good. I did not try anything else, but based on the sandwich, they are probably all ok/good. I would eat here again, it’s a good addition to West Nanjing. Advanced warning: the menu is in English, but the workers probably don’t speak it.


2021-06-08 19:04


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