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By: like good food

Bang House

Nice music bar. Refreshing live music, but not necessary Jazz. But nice to listen too. Has a nice common area and a VIP section the upper floor. Great beverage selection and the service is very nice and quick. The music ok, but not exciting good or they they have dried to get the audience excited. Just on stage and play. BTW the band starts at 9.20 (pretty sharp) a draught Beer from 40-55¥


2020-08-09 06:26

By: like good food

Ganesh Jazz Bar

Well, it’s only like and don’t like here, no other option. The food is good, but it takes ages to come out of the kitchen. And when it comes out, the vegetable came before the starter and the tandoor. The yoghurt is Devine - they should get an Olympic gold medal for that. Unbeatable great - creamy and not sweet. The tandoor looks very nice, but does also not come very hot. And the pakora was ok, standard, good seasoning with cumin. The place is very busy, and I looked at other people’s table, they all had to wait. Since is Indian restaurant, maybe some medication to tolerate the slow speed helps but they have a great beer and other beverage selection


2020-08-09 06:20

By: Sania

Maan Coffee

Just like how I remembered it. Loved it in Hangzhou and I love it here as well. Big fan of the hot chocolate. Will keep going back!


2020-08-09 00:46


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