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By: Paige

??Shochu Lab

Another great evening at Shochu Lab! I’ll say it again because it’s true- it is one of the cities hidden gems. Along a busy street of hustle and bustle, takeout and university students leads a small staircase to my favorite soju and whisky bar. From the outside I would have never thought this place would be here. They have a new menu every season change for their speciality cocktails, and a great new addition of snacky bar food, like these delicious noodles with crispy pork belly hidden in the bottom. I always feel good leaving here. Could be the whisky, the soju, the company or the place. We’ll never know.


2020-10-19 22:31

By: Paige

Ms. Green

We attended a fundraising event at Ms Green. Lovely venue to host an array of events. The food was great, but unfortunately took a while to refill buffet as the restaurant was a little busy. Other than that, super friendly service, a great space, and a wonderful host for allowing a fundraiser for the animal rescue cause in Nanjing!


2020-10-19 22:23

By: William Smelser


This place is a fun place to go, but don’t expect great food or quick service. I got the chicken nachos and it was mostly chips. Maybe other items are good; the Mexican pizza looks good. This is also an option to buy bottles of alcohol instead of depending on the bar. When you realize how slow they are, you will see this as a good option. Overall, it is a good place, but I have some reservations.


2020-10-18 13:31


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