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Shi Xiao Mo

2019-03-20 19:52

My favorite snack place at Zhonghuamen metro station exit 2. And this time they had some new variants of wraps. I tried the one with green dough and fresh lettuce salad leaves - was really delicious If you’re nearby and have a small hunger - this is the right choice for only 11 RMB for one wrap with 2x chicken meat :)

By: Masha 马莎



2019-03-20 08:14

By: Masha 马莎


By: cliffyasay808

Xin Wang Cha Can Ting

Hands down the best Cantonese food outside of Hong Kong


2019-03-23 14:53

By: Gian Fuerza

Xin Wang

First of all, the pineapple bread is to die for! Their food is really good, the meet ate properly cooked and the prices are not bad too. Their flavors are different from other psedo-HK restaurants in Nanjing. Their flavors are quite authentic


2019-03-23 11:26

By: Tanz 宁兰


A bunch of us visited Gilly's last night. I ordered the cheese quesadillas which were ok - nothing special - and not very good on presentation with a tiny bit of chili sauce and jalapeno chilis on the side. The avocado salad had a good amount of avocado, TOO much lettuce and not many tomatoes or cucumber. I liked that the dressing was on the side so I could add as much as I wanted to. My friend had the so called 'pepperoni pizza' which literally had 1 slice of pepperoni on each slice. That was a joke, it was more of a margarita pizza with some trace of pepperoni slices here and there. Not the best food, but good enough to eat if you're hungry.


2019-03-23 09:33


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