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By: Ed

Pepe's Pizza & Chicken

Pepe's is the pizza place in Suzhou. Their specialty pizzas is where it's at. Try the chicken kiev or the spicy BBQ chicken. The curry pizza is also great. Their wraps are also great. The garlic chicken wrap with a side of onion rings is a personal favorite. They also have a good selection of imported beers.


2018-02-02 22:42

By: Ed

Rong Vietnamese Cuisine

Tasty food for a great price. Try the noodles with meatballs. Decent beer selection too. Definitely worth a visit.


2018-02-02 22:40

By: Erica

VELLUTO Yi Da Li Can Ting (Li Gong Di Dian)

I like this place, quiet and nice. Food is good and price too. I don’t like when they put a lot of oil in the good but here they try to balance. Recommend for sure.


2018-02-02 13:38

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