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By: Annie Seaman

Ma Ma Mi Ya Yi Da Li Can Ting

Good food for the area and a nice option for a weekend dinner. The bar area was really cute too. Service was good even when the restaurant was busy.


2019-02-14 20:32

By: Andrew Wilson

Papa John's Pizza

It’s the standard Chinese Papa John’s. This is a good spot for catching your American pizza fix. Order times are a bit longer than expected. Give Pepe’s and Mammia a try to round out me three go to pizza joints.


2019-02-10 17:39

By: Jeanbaptiste

Kai Yue Jiu Dian Hua Chi 88 Zhong Can Ting

Hyatt does usually good food & Beverage and this restaurant follows the rule. Any dishes look good but as we were only 2 we couldn’t try it all... We had: - Suzhou style eel: excellent - Shanghai fried fish pieces with soy: excellent - Sauteed mushroom with peas: very good - Hong shao rou: good, a very big piece... we couldn’t finish and had to take away... - Suzhou noodle: bit too peppery for me but still good and well cooked - local flavor ice cream: coupd be better Service was good and open kitchen is a nice set up.


2019-01-28 08:38

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