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By: Rita

Xi Long Ji

When in suzhou, eat xiaolongbao. The wu xi style xlb is different from the shanghainese ones. Thicker skin and waaaayyyy sweeter. So I loved it. Only ¥10 for 4. But I’m pretty confident that most of the people are gonna prefer the sh xlb, as these are just really, really, really sweet.


2019-04-23 21:08

By: K Z


The best restaurant I’ve ever been in Suzhou .. like it


2019-04-23 14:39

By: Rita

Shanghu Park

Very different from the city. Weather was bad but I enjoyed taking photos here at the park. Came on a work trip and it’s really not bad but wouldn’t wanna come all the way for a weekend getaway if it’s up to me. It’s about 45 min drive from suzhou city centre and 2 hrs from shanghai.


2019-04-22 22:27

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