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By: Marta 程嘉时

Lao Dong Men Can Guan

The other day I went to this restaurant with some of my friends. One of them was Chinese and she has been living in Suzhou for a long time. We ordered duck,小笼包, vermicelli and one dish that I have never tried before (pic 9), made with rice and egg yolk. I really liked the vermicelli but be aware because they are always very oily. The 小龙 were very good, I heard that in Suzhou they have a different style in the making process. The dish I never tried was oily and heavy, even my chinese friend wasn’t satisfied by it. The duck was good but we had a misunderstanding with the waiter. We asked to make it hot but the first time it arrived cold at our table. Overall it was a decent experience, worth the price (30 rmb each).


2019-09-18 07:31

By: Kirk

Xian Yu Xian (Xing Hai Guang Chang Dian)

rather busy little shop. mainly for shaved ice and tapioca type dessert (I lost the picture). the mango ice was very nice. i do wish they don't add that vanilla ice cream on top tho because towards the end the dairy icecrean mixed with the water from the ice was kinda unpleasant


2019-09-17 06:20

By: Fara

Suzhou Marriott Hotel

I love this Marriott It was a short stay but I really enjoyed it The buffet was epic.. l loved the hammam and spa..the swimming pool was okay can do better And the staff were friendly and helpful They also gave us more time to check out which I really nice from them since my daughter was still sleeping before that.the extra little thing that makes everything so much better... thank you Marriott for that


2019-09-14 11:51


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