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By: Richard Lam

Huo Di Tie Ban Shao

It’s a decent chain for teppanyaki. Nothing too showy, nothing too over the top. It’s standard and that’s pretty much it. I recommend it for a gathering with friends, maybe with out of towners, and possibly a date night if you have tried a lot of different places.


2019-03-23 18:47

By: Tsu

Xie He Cai Guan (Feng Huang Jie Dian)

More than 10 years ago, we met in this modernised ancient city. Not many places survived the test of time, and this is one of those that did. Call it a nostalgic visit - little shrimps are the best and freshest I’ve had, make sure to add a dash of vinegar like locals do, it truly brings out the taste. Local meal is not complete without ordering one of the “3 whites from Taihu (Tai Lake)”, so we had white tiny fishes with eggs. My favourite was the Sizzling Eel 响油鳝糊. It is serve hot right out of wok, and oil was poured over at the table making a sizzle. There are other versions, but this is my favourite. Stir in the pepper and garlic before eating, with the ginger strips. This place is very popular with locals and there is usually a line waiting. Thanks to Ms Fu their long time loyal customer, we were able to get seated pretty quick.


2019-03-10 09:28

By: Tsu

Feng Ling 188

Right across from Blue Marlin, the band - Chris & co who used to play there is now here! You know its a live band when crowds actually get up and dance!!! Enuf said.


2019-03-10 00:06


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