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By: 媛媛

Foamy Foamy

这家真的是我的爱,12道锋味甜品主厨开的,为了这家蛋糕,我经常美其名曰去杭州看弟弟,其实是吃蛋糕去,照片荔浦芋头百吃不腻,桂花酒酿很杭州,大不列颠不产茶很清新的茶味,柠檬啊 栗子啊 都不甜好吃,招牌泰式奶茶也很好喝。草莓蛋糕南瓜派也都好吃啦啦啦啦啦西湖in77维密楼下。


2019-05-18 14:22

By: Louise Alkins

Bu Lu Mi Yu

Overall: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I went on a short trip to Hangzhou this weekend and we stumbled upon this little cluster of restaurants along the West Lake and decided to have lunch there. This place looked really inviting and the staff spoke really excellent English. Super cosy interior but definitely enough place to fit a ton of people. Staff were fast and they had English menus too. (They had three or four different menus with similar things in but then also different things so that’s the only confusing thing.) We ordered eggs benedict (yes again), one with bacon and one with salmon and a shrimp salad. Also got some potato wedges to share and a bunch of different lemonades. The food was super tasty, best hollandaise sauce I’ve had here in China so far, and was nicely plated as a bonus too! They also had a ton of deserts and afternoon tea options too. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who comes across this little gem while walking around the lake!


2019-05-12 21:02

By: Rita

Huan Niu Dan Gao Wu (Cheng Xi Dian)

Used to be a Wang Hong cake house (but I think not anymore). The taro mochi was only ¥10 and amazing. Huan niu (meaning happy cow) is also known for their soy cream cake boxes that I’m mostly likely going to get the next time I’m in hz.


2019-05-07 20:55

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