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By: Tane McLeay (Bon App HZ)

Hiking Coffee

The shop is new and the staff are young, that's one more aspect that makes it interesting to visit. I liked that there were a good number of regular sized seats if you're not interested in sipping coffee and chatting in a camp chair. |海盐椰拿 Coconut Latte^ I enjoyed this drink a lot. I've had variants of it across the city recently and echoed others with toasted coconut chips - but I appreciated the stripped back version here AND was inspired to try another coffee drink. |爪咖 Holy Smoke^ Like an ice cream float or a charming soda, the orange and coffee work really well together and this drink demonstrates some capability - nice one. |红宝石拿铁 Roibos Tea Latte^ Some minor errors came next, with a Roibos Latte served luke warm and without too much Roibos character. Next time I suspect it will be ok. Hiking is a clean and cheerful store overall and I'd be happy to try again if nearby.


2021-06-16 23:00

By: Meraai

Up Coffee (in the corner of Sisyphe Books)

I am uploading this coffeeshop because although it is housed inside Sisyphe Books, the one has nothi g to do with the other. I like the ambience her. From the books for lampshades, right through to the words and phrases on the wall, not to mention the comfy seats and gorgeous view. This is a coffeeshop where you can get stuck in and work or where you can get lost in a cup of coffee. I had a mocha smoothy and it was delicious. Did not simply taste like cold coffee, more like a coffee milkshake, but less rich, lighter. Very yummy.


2021-06-16 17:54

By: Meraai

Sisyphe Bookshop

What a gorgeous bookshop. Sadly, the English section is tiny, the bottom half of two shelves and mostly consists of books older than 60 years, in bilingual publication. However. the shop is also full of wonderful gifts like puzzles and experiments and stamping and microscopes. I stayed for two hours, just because.


2021-06-16 17:48

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