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By: Michael

WADE’S Bar &Grill Wei De Xi Can Jiu Ba (Wen San Dian)

When I first moved to Hangzhou years ago, Wade’s (then called Vineyard) was about as good as it got for a great many western staples. Good luck finding a decent burrito or any brunch in 2011. Despite a location change, the food hasn’t really changed since then, even as other options have proliferated and I guess I could hate on it but at the first tangy, vaguely cheesy bite of the Spicy Chicken burrito I was transported back to a simpler time (that might also have been a side effect of the gin bucket but whatever). Attentive staff, solid happy hour, food to soak up the booze.


2018-01-28 17:09

By: Clement

Carbon Bei Shan Shi Hao Fa Guo Can Ting

Delicious food. Really enjoyed the risotto, and the lava chocolate ! If you are lucky on a quiet evening you can get a table outside on the small terrace, with view on west lake ;)


2018-01-25 20:34

By: Kirk-in-da-Norf!


conveniently located in terminal. so u can get your caffeine fixes right before hopping on the train!


2018-01-22 07:09

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