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By: Meraai

Magnet (Pingan Plaza)

I was looking for a place to pop in for a snack and a drink before my movie. I totally forgot about Magnet that I earmarked a few weeks ago. A pleasant surprise. Interesting jambalaya of styles thrown together. Beautiful rich dark hardwood floors, with concrete walls, but leather look upholstery - comfy seats. Add some neon lights and a tin ceiling replica here and there. It is very pleasant. Service was effective and when they were unsure, they asked me. The well constructed menu made that interesting. I went for a simple Hendricks gin and tonic, and I also had a latté. Sadly the bar tender does not know the difference between old and new ice and the four tiny blocks he put in, melted really quickly and watered my drink down considerably. I also tried a beautiful smoked salmon and avo salad roll dish. It tasted good, but missed so.ething sour in the mix. A squeeze of lime would have done the trick. I also sampled a really tasty duck and shrimp cigar dish, served with a spicy tomato sauce. It was quiet in the restaurant, but it was very pleasant. I'll be back.


2021-10-24 21:26

By: Jordan Harrison

Li yu he ta de Liang te Wu (????????)

We tried one of this place's green bean pancakes and a large green dumpling. The flavor was good and the price was reasonable.


2021-10-24 20:28

By: Jordan Harrison

ke ming Xixi paradise walk

Tried this spot for a bite on a Sunday night... The menu looked good, but I could tell the flavor was not to our liking. We tried some kind of vanilla shake, which mostly tasted like sweet milk and didn't have much consistency. We also tried the fish balls in curry sauce which was not bad for the price. Overall this place seems hit and miss depending on your flavor preference.


2021-10-24 20:14

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