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By: Tane McLeay

Fan Hai Diao Yu Tai Jiu Dian Yu Yuan Zhong Can Ting

In some aspects they try too hard, the bold modern colours in the crockery don't always suit the subtlety of the food. Service is great, food is fresh and the restaurant offers great views over the river.


2020-01-25 18:06

By: Tane McLeay

Manshu Huaishi Liaoli

Everything is exquisite from the outset, the entire service is truly perfection with the freshest fish, most tender meat and delightful presentation. I'd like to try and go annually, a birthday, anniversary or a suitable celebratory moment.


2020-01-25 17:51

By: Tane McLeay

Di Xin Zhao

Even if you only stop by for a cup of tea, the surroundings are so beautiful and peaceful. If you wish to have something more substantial though, they serve modern interpretations of Hangzhou's classics using local seasonal produce.


2020-01-25 03:11

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