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By: Clau

Green Tea

I found this chain of restaurants in Ningbo and when I came to Hangzhou I couldn’t not go. I love their food and service. The staff is very nice the only disadvantage is that they do not speak English and their menu is in chinese but it has pictures. I particularly love their signature dish: bread with ice cream. To try also the combo of grilled pork and chicken for only ¥62. They have several restaurants one also near the west lake in a shopping mall. The ambiance and decoration is nice and service is fast.


2019-02-03 08:21

By: Marina 马晓倩

Chun Xia Qiu Dong Hua Yuan Can Ting

This place is perfect for trying typical Zhejiang cuisine. All the food here is cooked using organic ingredients and tastes very fresh and flavourful. As Hangzhou is famous for its Long jin tea, expect some dishes to be cooked with green tea leaves. The sauces, fish and bamboo shoots were amazing! Highly recommend their warm healthy drinks like 红枣山药 Red dates shan yao! On a cold day do not hesitate to try warmed yellow wine, it tastes very smooth.


2019-01-23 22:42

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