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By: Josh E

Tian Mu Shan Peng Lai Ke Zhan Can Ting

Great flavor in the very local restaurant! The egg fried rice is a bit oily, but the food is so flavorful. The owners are lovely! Great for large groups (as we were there with 30 high schoolers!)


2018-06-06 11:25

By: sharon pantoja

Shan Li Shan Ye Wei Guan

Beautiful grounds and a lake right beside the restaurant. The food served were really delicious however service is very local. Staff here do not speak English at all.


2018-06-05 13:27

By: sharon pantoja

Zhong Dou Qing Shan Hu Pan Da Jiu Dian Zi Zhu Can Ting

This restaurant is located inside Wonderland hotel. I’m impress that they are able to accommodate 350 people. Food was flavourful and service was efficient but we did order ahead of time.


2018-06-04 21:21

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