Bon App定位亚太顶尖的国际品质生活社区,


By: Lore

Wai Po Jia (Hang Zhou Hu Bin Dian)

First time coming to this location. A nice place but too noisy. Too many people in such a small space. Good service, and the food was good. The pumpkin and cauliflower were really good. The rest just ok. Still enjoyed the lunch


2019-07-13 22:12

By: LA❤️

Brunch 304

This picture is true. No PS. This place is extremely fantastic and the food fit everyone. All in all, I love there (I suggest that you guys try the fruit salad. I promise you’ll full in love with it.)


2019-07-04 09:54

By: LA❤️

Yan Tie Shao (Hang Zhou Jia Li Zhong Xin Dian)

If you are fond of meat (beaf or pocket) you can come to this place to have your meal. It’s an extremely awesome place to have dinner with your family and friends, even with yourself. The price is not too expensive. Everything is beneficial ❤️


2019-07-03 10:55


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