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By: Winnie M

Cha Se

If you ever make it this far into the mountains of Hangzhou, then this mom and pop restaurant is a must. Surrounded by tea gardens, the street where this restaurant is located blends with the many other hotel restaurants in the area. However, after 3 days and 2 nights in Long Wu, I’ve had my fair share of eateries and this rates my number one. They grow all their food and whatever is in season is on the menu. My favorite dish for the evening is their baby potato stew cooked with pork. The potatoes are soft but not mushy. The service here is excellent for a ma and pa place. From the man who brought out our tea to the woman who served our food, everybody was just so kind.


2020-05-19 19:52

By: Jeanbaptiste

Jie Xiang Lou

Havent been for a long while but it did not change. The atmosphere of the place is great, food is well presented and tasty. One of the great tables of Hanghzou.


2020-05-05 14:01


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