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By: Shantel B

HUB American Diner (Huangsheying Lu)

I arrived here around 3 pm on a major holiday and was surprised to see no one else around. Seemingly the only person working there at that time, was rather hidden behind the counter, but immediately provided me with the menu and iced water once he spotted me. The menus is mostly in Chinese, but main entrees, like burgers, steaks, and pasta, has English translations. The person working there didn’t know English, but kindly communicated with me anyway using a translation app. I ordered a bacon cheeseburger and some fries (the burger does not come with fries so you have to order them separately). The “bacon” was actually just plain ham, but it the burger tasted rich and juicy nonetheless. The fries were plentiful and nicely seasoned.


2021-09-19 15:31

By: Jordan Harrison

Zijing Paradise Walk

It seems this is one of the newer Paradise Walk branches, I could tell it was similar to the Xixi/Binjiang branches as soon as I walked in. This mall is a bit smaller, but there's definitely a good variety of different shops and restaurants here, and a movie theater. Some shops were interesting, and I'd never heard of them before. It would be great if there were more places to sit, as it obviously provides a comfortable shopping experince for shoppers AND can increase a customer's shopping longevity from a business standpoint. We tried the seafood buffet here on 5th floor, as we often do--will write a separate review on that later!


2021-09-19 15:10

By: Rosina


This hotel is insanely beautiful. It overlooks the temple and the whole area is green, peaceful and stunning! The hotel reception staff are super friendly and helpful and the room is amazing! I booked a suite room for the holiday so I can enjoy the bath and I was not disappointed. Everything about the room is spotless, comfortable and the bath is so so unique. It’s not cheap but it’s worth every penny to feel at one with nature!


2021-09-19 15:06


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