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By: Tane McLeay (Bon App HZ)

Yunmanli Tea Studio

I'm not really a big fan of green tea but red, black, soaked and smoked teas are fun to explore. Today was a bit strange because they wanted to offer tea before lunch. Other than that, the food was VERY enjoyable. Loved the chicken, sweet & sour fish, bamboo shoots, nuts, soup and abalone VERY much. It was a good start to the afternoon even if a little slow to get underway.


2021-04-11 09:56

By: Venus

D M Cafe

朋友一直非常推薦的一家咖啡館。總體確實不錯,但是咖啡和小甜品一般,取勝的應該是服務! 我想我們來到這兒的時候正值太陽落山之際,我強行拉著某H過來這裡打卡,事實上他之前已經來過一次了。 店內像個小寵物樂園,一只“中華田園貓”和一只超級萌的不知名堂的狗狗,追逐打鬧,好不痛快。我還抱了一小會兒那只叫作“奶茶”的貓咪,可惜他似乎對我有些不服氣,總是试图逃離我的“魔爪”,或者其實只是貪玩想出去溜达了! 想點的咖啡因為冰淇淋被凍僵硬了所以換了摩卡。我想咖啡豆本身是不錯的,然而摩卡的糖漿口感輕了許多,我只喝到了苦澀的咖啡豆味,而少了那股濃郁的巧克力醬吞噬到口中的回味感。 老板娘為表示歉意,還送了我們一份她親手制做的司康!然而司康似乎做得太過於干燥,因為老板娘把它稱作“口口司康”,也就是一口一個,我聽名後很開心的直接塞入口中,然而那干到不行的外表讓我忍不住趕緊喝了幾大口的咖啡,那確實讓我無法直接吞咽第二個…… 我想說老板娘其實有用心去做食物,但是似乎在口感的研發上,還需更上一層樓!


2021-04-11 00:33

By: Venus

Blank Inn

My friends and I came here for the first stop after the tea party.To be honest, I really like the environment here, but the food really let me down! Especially the now famous Basque cake, which is as hard as a rock. I don't know why the owner was so confident in recommending this cheesecake, or if he just doesn't know how to make desserts? Dirty is better than cake overall! But friends' hot Americano is obviously not the same thing. The cake, however, greatly reduced the store's score. I thought it might be great to come here if you just choose a drink and enjoy the view. As for desserts, I really don't recommend them! Obviously, the owner is far from the so-called "professional".


2021-04-11 00:20


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