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Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant

2019-08-16 21:46

Have to say food is okay but service was rather slow. Took 10 mins of waiting to be seated after being acknowledged that seat is available, another 15 mins before the tea and food arrived. The charcoal grilled pork was nicely done with that grill fragrance and truffle oil was hardly noticeable. For SGD 24 inclusive of service charge and taxes, is this the norm?

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By: Tsu


Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant

2019-08-16 21:40

By: Tsu


By: George Pai


I debated the standard at which to judge Muchachos on. Coming from California, the land of Mexican restaurants at every corner (in some areas). In the US, this would have been 3 stars, but here in SG, it was good enough to satisfy my Mexican good craving at which I gave it four stars. I ordered the Carne Asada (Steak) burrito. The burrito is pretty standard and the steak itself was surprisingly juicy pieces of meat. Aside from that, everything else was very average. I did appreciate the nice seating area, the cold AC, and prompt service of the staff. Of the two Mexican restaurants that I’ve been to so far here in SG, I would rate this in the top 2.


2019-08-22 00:26

By: George Pai

Tiong Bahru Hainanese boneless Chicken rice

[Update] I went back there today to order the usual and was completely disappointed with the quality of the chicken. It was dry and chewy. I guess it’s a hit or miss. One of the top 3 choices for Hainanese chicken rice in SG. Extremely tender pieces of chicken. I ordered the double meat portion steam/baked and bean sprouts. Total price 8 dollars.


2019-08-18 23:04

By: George Pai

The Populus Coffee & Food Co.

I must say this is a solid place for a brunch spot. A combination of great food and great ambience. We all ordered the following dishes: - Chicken Burger - Spring pancake and fried chicken. - Avocado Super food green platter I ordered the Chicken burger, which came with a side of Cajun spiced fries. The chicken patty itself was a piece of fried chicken ( same as the Spring pancake and fried Chicken, but still good nonetheless) the fried chicken itself was juicy but a bit on the small side. For the spring pancake itself, is a hard pass though, so if you’re craving fried chicken, the burger is suffice. A friend ordered the Avocado Super food green platter which just looked super healthy, it did lack a little on the flavor side. Overall, I think I just found my new brunch spot. You do need to reserve in advance as this places filled up quick.


2019-08-17 23:43

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