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Clinton St. Baking Company

2018-09-16 17:35

Came here for their fluffy pancakes with maple syrup. Three stacks high with a choice of blueberries, banana walnuts, or chocolate chunks $19SG. Every table in here ordered one. It’s like Oprah’s giving it all away in here! It was impressive! It looks like a 3 layered cake when I cut into it. Light and fluffy with lots of blueberries on top. We ended up taking half home. Next. We had their signature fried chicken and waffle $21. The Belgium style waffle was thick and fluffy. Very nice. While the fried white meat skinless chicken was lightly seasoned. The thin meat was moist. Please don’t tell me this is your signature dish because is was weak. I know another place that makes fried chicken and waffles like a beast. The pancakes should be your signature dish here. Come here for the pancakes.

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By: SteakEmAll


Indian House

2018-09-16 10:48

By: Vicky


By: Brendan

EAT.(Kallang Leisure Park)

Came to this complex to get my squash racquet strung. Kallang Leisure Park houses some shops and a Bowling alley, and is normally not crowded unless there are activities in the Singapore indoor stadium or national stadium nearby. Whilst waiting for my racquet to be ready, I decided for a quick bite - which is what this place EAT does. No frills local dishes at decent prices. I chose their chicken chop rice with curry sauce and a cup of local coffee set. Overall 6.5/10.


2018-09-21 17:01

By: SteakEmAll

328 Katong Laksa(United Square)

Very good broth. Can taste the broth and coconut. Not spicy at all. Each one of their shops are very consistent with the flavor. Noodles are soft and not over cooked. Fish cake slices and a few tender cockles. The cockles give it an ocean taste.


2018-09-20 22:23

By: SteakEmAll


Chatterbox was the first place I’ve ever had Hainanese chicken and rice the first time I came to SG. It’s pricy, but Very GOOD! Moist and tender chicken with flavorful rice. You’re paying for the location and the atmosphere. THE place to bring friends that don’t like hawker and food courts but wants to try the dish. They will be happy campers.


2018-09-17 11:12

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