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By: SteakEmAll

Atlas Coffeehouse

Must get and order the honey butter tater tots. Crispy, buttery, and slightly sweet. I love the roast chicken leg chicken soup. The perfectly cooked roast chicken thigh sits on top of the rosemary infused chicken broth. So delicious. The pan sear salmon with soba noodles was a miss for me. The salmon was cooked nice, but the soba noodles was over cooked. The coffee is good. Nice selection of cakes and desserts.


2020-07-08 22:46

By: Nox

Singapore Hokkien Mee

Just google Whampoa Hawker Center and you will be spoilt for choice of affordable hawker food. If you like your Hokkien Mee wet, look for this stall.


2020-07-07 14:28

By: Nox

Sushi Tei

Interior ambience is what I like. Not the usual brightly lit ones. Due to covid measures, it’s not so crowded. The sashimi set is bang for the buck. Recommended.


2020-07-05 11:40

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