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2019-05-21 02:09

Paul, originated from Paris, has many outlets in Singapore and this cafe is centrally located in Paragon Shopping Complex. This French cafe is medium size. It is nicely decorated and really comfortable. Paul is located on a patio within a shopping centre and you are able to look into different levels of the shopping centre if you are seated outside the restaurant. Such an interesting design. There are many luxury stores just next to the cafe and therefore, you will also see many trendy shoppers, especially ladies, taking a coffee break at this cafe. Paul sells mainly cakes, tarts, flan, bread, biscuits and other pastries. My favorite item is definitely the soft chocolate cake.. At this outlet, you can also order fresh sandwiches and other simple meals. Prices are reasonable and most dessert item vary around Sgd 6 to Sgd 10 per piece. This is a great place to have your high tea or coffee break when you are shopping at the Orchard Road, Singapore.

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By: Nana



2019-05-21 02:09

By: Nana


By: Nicole

Taratata Bistrot

Authentic french food in a nice french brasserie including an original french waiter. The beef tartare was excellent. Reservation is a must!


2019-05-24 20:22

By: SteakEmAll

Tan Yu

The place is huge and it gets packed. One order of grill fish was enough for two people. We got the Mala flavor base and a limbo fish. We add on lotus roots, bean curd skin and sheets, and black fungus. A huge dish is placed in front of with flames underneath to keep it hot. Lots of green peppercorns and green chilis were on top of the whole grilled fish. It was beautiful and it was impressive. As I picked a piece of the fish and dipped it into the sauce, I could smell the mala aroma. It wasn’t too spicy and it was delicious. We polished off everything on the place. The bean curd skin soaked up the juices and the lotus root remained crispy. It was so good. Need to plan my next trip there. Total cost for meal was $80. A bit pricy, but so delicious.


2019-05-24 08:46

By: Nana

Gastronomia(Raffles Place)

Gastronomia is an Italian restaurant and store that sells pasta, pizza by slices, Italian gelato, cakes, bread, pastries etc. It has many outlets in Singapore and most of these outlets are located in shopping complex in areas such as Raffles Place, Orchard Road, Holland Village, Bukit Timah etc. The decorations of the restaurant is casual, basic but comfortable. It is a great place for lunch or coffee break, Gastronomia is popular with younger customers, especially foreigners, as they are able to dine there and then, shop for imported food products such as cheese, ham, sausages, wine etc. I had my coffee break at this place earlier this month and we ordered a salmon pizza, a spaghetti bolognese and some drinks. Prices were reasonable. For example, a slice of pizza was about Sgd 7,90. Overall,, it was an above average meal but nothing wow. However, I enjoyed sitting at the restaurant as it was busy and there were many good looking and trendy customers eating in that area. Nice.


2019-05-24 02:06

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