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By: George Pai

Tiong Bahru Boneless Chicken Rice

Pro tip: - This place is a classic case of hit or miss. If it's a hit, probably one of the best Hainese Chicken. - Expect to wait in line anywhere between 5 to 30 mins. Having visited Tiong Bahru market a lot, I've typically had made by way over to The Tiong Bahru Boneless Chicken stall for their Chicken and rice. But I must say this place is a hit or miss for me. It's either super tender or dry and overly chewy pieces. Since the portion sizes are small I ordered the double meat portion steam/baked and bean sprouts. Total price 8 dollars. Regarding lines, expect to waiting anywhere between 5 to 30 mins


2020-01-26 00:03

By: George Pai


Pro tip: - Highly recommend ordering the grapefruit Bloom. - Always expect to wait anywhere between 20 to 45 mins for your drink. (It’s well worth it) Being a Boba fanatic, I really appreciate what HeyTea has done. They’re a chain that originated from China and had went their own route by creating a new style of drinks. Beyond just the standard milk teas, they have the famous cheese drinks, and blended fruit drinks. When I tried their Grapefruit Bloom for the first time, I was immediate hooked. Previously I was never a fan of Grapefruit drinks, but this definitely changed my mind. It’s not your standard drink. The drink is blended with real pieces of grapefruits. It is a little on the sweater side so I typically order 75% sugar level. It’s hard the explain and you must try it for yourself. Regarding the wait, expect to wait anywhere between 20 to 45 mins for your drink to be made. It is well worth it.


2020-01-25 23:41

By: George Pai

Ramen Nagi (ION Orchard)

Pro tip: - If you love spicy ramen, highly recommend getting the Spicy Tonkatsu ramen. If you love the Garlic Tonkatsu type then you should the Black ramen. You can’t go wrong with either. - This ramen has a rich broth resulting in people either loving or hating it. Being a Ramen fanatic and trying the best ramens from around the world, I must say Ramen Nagi is in my top 10 ramens from around the world (list includes Ramen dojo in SF, Goma Tei in Hawaii, Totto ramen in NYC & Taipei, Hotoguichi in Singapore, etc) Having said that, I also believe that no two ramen places are a like. So to create some consistency, I usually think of the following criteria: - Soup: Balance of the ramen soup (not too salty) - Noodles: Chewy-ness of the noodles - Meat: Quality of the meat Ramen Nagi does check off all those boxes. For this visit, I ordered the black King Ramen. What I appreciate the most is how much customization you can have with your ramen e.g how salty, types of noodles, adding garlic and other flavors. The soup had a rich broth flavor that you’ll either love or hate. Thankfully it was the former for me. Since you can customize your noodle texture, it was an automatic win. Lastly, the chunk of char siu was tender, seemed like slow cooked style. I ended up choosing all the normal options which came out with the rich broth. If you’re not a fan, i recommend going for the light options. The other time i came here, I ordered the Red King. I love spicy ramens so this was naturally the first option I went for. Overall, having tired both ramens, I can see myself ordering both of them. If you love spicy ramens like I do, then highly recommend ordering the Red King.


2020-01-25 23:12


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