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By: Stylez

Superflow City Beach Club

Great food! Great place! Highly recommend. Dope street for sure. Not the greatest fried chicken but everything else is on par


2018-01-16 22:22

By: Stylez

Room No.3

First meal in Thailand. Not bad, quite loving it!


2018-01-15 21:42

By: Esther


My evening at gaggan was wonderful and something I’ll remember forever.. eating here is special and truly worth the price if you are a foodie like I am. Each bite sized course was a fine composition of different flavours and truly surprising when it came to texture and taste, one course was even accompanied by music. I don’t want to spoil the experience by telling too much about the courses, there is one set menue for everyone and you’ll get a menue that consists of emojis only. After you finish you’ll get the menue with a detailed description of each course. Can highly recommend it - book at least a month in advance though!


2018-01-14 11:21

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