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Pearl Lady

2019-09-13 20:32

Small nice shop in Shinyuku which sells tapioca drinks and different filled crepes. We tried the green tea crepe with banana, macha ice cream and brownies and this was a very good choice. Good dessert to share, not too sweet, freshly made and very delicious.

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By: Andrea



2019-09-16 07:55

By: Andrea


By: Andrea


Super good place for getting Soba Tsukemen, or like they call it Tsukesoba. They have two more locations around the city and I can highly recommend to try it out. Some of the best Tsukemen/Tsukesoba ever. You also order here by a ticket machine and then get you food from the chefs. We had two different Tsukesoba, one with a fish dipping sauce, one with beef sauce. Both superb, great flavour, super fresh and just very very tasty. Also the soba had a great texture and the portion was perfect They even asked us if we like to have a big portion, but the normal one is really enough. Great place and I will definitely check out Kakuya branches again.


2019-09-18 08:41

By: Andrea


Nice Ramen restaurant in the middle of Shinjuku Kabukicho with around 20 seats. There opening hours are from 11am-8am,do you can get some tasty Ramen after going out in the neighbourhood. They are specialised on Tonkotsu Ramen and have also different sizes of bowls and veggies. We had the Bankara Ramen, one normal one and one spicy. Both were tasty and a good portion. The meat was super juicy and I liked it. Also I very much liked the poached egg, never had this in a Ramen but I totally loved it. The staff was also super nice and fast, it just look a while for prepare the Ramen, but that was fine. The Ramen here are tasty, fresh and I think a good choice.


2019-09-17 08:01

By: Andrea

Tokyo One Piece Tower

One Piece is one of the must popular, famous and successful Animes worldwide. So of course they also have a kind of exhibition and experience place in Tokyo and where could it be elsewhere then in the Tokyo Tower. 20 years of One Piece are shown here, from sketches, video extracts, Figures, restaurants over shops to games and role play shows, you find here everything related to it. 3 Floors are covering all this and it's really nice to go around, take your time and explore it.


2019-09-16 13:54

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