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Asakusa Kagetsudo Honten

2017-11-14 09:25

This bakery only has melonpan and two other kinds of pastries, but they're the best you'll ever have. Melonpan is a typical Japanese bread bun coated with a sugary cookie-like layer, and after eating one from Kagetsudo you won't be able to look at one from a convenience store the same way again. For only 200 yen you get a super big, soft bun that tastes like heaven, and I suggest going at 9 am when they open as they'll give you one straight from the oven. It was the best breakfast I've had in Japan and I'll be dreaming of it for a long time. There's no other place like Kagetsudo in Tokyo, and it's located right by the Senso-ji (one of the most famous temples and popular attraction) so it's a must when in the city. Higly recommended!

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By: Michela


Afuri Harajuku

2017-11-15 14:22

By: Michela


By: Michela

Mos Cafe Haneda Airport International Line Terminal Bldg.

Stop for a quick meal or craving at Haneda airport. The good thing about Mos is that it's open 24/7. Prices are fair, I only got fries (220 yen) to get rid of some coins before my flight and they were fresh and pretty salty just how I like them. Full meal on the menu looked good and the atmosphere was nice.


2017-11-20 10:41

By: Michela

Saryo Itoen

Located at Haneda airport, this place s open 24/7 and it's a good option to spend all the leftover coins from your trip and get a last Japanese treat. They have all matcha desserts and although it's expensive, it's not more expensive than similar shops in the city, and the quality is actually better. I got a matcha ice cream for 540 yen and it was amazing. The serving was huge, the texture was super smooth and creamy and the matcha taste very refreshing. Recommended!


2017-11-17 10:32

By: Michela

Tempura bowl Tenya Shinbashi

Inexpensive and delicious chain to get some good Japanesd tendon (tempura over rice). The service is very fast and you can get a full meal for 500 yen and up. They have shops all over the city. The tempura I got with shrimp, squid and vegetables was crispy and light, not very oily and easily digestable. With the sauce they put on top it was amazing. The miso soup was a bit too salty for me, but it went well with the bitter toasted tea. Recommeded!


2017-11-16 12:07

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