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Vulcania Restaurant

2018-07-19 13:35

Located in the Mysterious Island Port of Tokyo Disney Sea, Vulcania restaurant serves a variety of Chinese style food items in a cavernous “Jules Verne” steampunk environment. Along with regular items such as Chinese BBQ pork with fried rice, sweet and sour pork, and chili prawns - Vulcania also has a regular special, which on this occasion was a cold ramen noodle aka Tantan mein. Side dishes include an dimsum sampler, and for dessert - a cold almond jelly with fresh diced macerated strawberry. On this visit I tried the Dim sum sampler , along with the almond jelly and a cold Kirin Draught Beer. Yes - loving the cold draft beer everywhere here at Disney Sea. Obviously not expecting super authentic dimsum. The Siao mai and shrimp dumpling, along with the steamed pork bun had that “Japanese” touch and flavor to them. But no complaints all were still tasty. The almond jelly could rival dessert in any authentic Chinese eatery. As with anywhere in the Tokyo Disney resort - service always come with a smile and a super helping hand. If you’re looking for some Asian eats on your visit to Tokyo Disney Sea - this is actually one of few places you can find it.

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By: Jayme


Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

2018-07-18 18:27

By: Jayme


By: Jayme

Kura Sushi Shinagawa Ekimae

Located in the Keio Building - a short ten minute walk from Shinagawa Station - this Kura Zushi is one of many locations across Japan. Known for its “Gashapon” sushi eating - Kura Zushi is now popular among locals and tourists for its cheap and wide variety of sushi options ranging from your typical raw seafood selections as well as many varieties of cooked sushi, rice bowls, noodle bowls and a variety of other entree. They also have a lot of advertisements in the restaurant by famous actor Kitaoji Kinya about their curry which you can eat in or take out - but we didn’t try any this time. They also have a whole bunch of desserts, drinks and alcoholic beverages to choose from. Beware that waiting times can be quite long here as we waited over 30 minutes for a seat. Sushi comes around on the “Kaiten” or revolving belt, but is also mainly ordered by the little computer screen at your table or in front of you at the bar. Computers come in a variety of languages including English, Chinese and Korean so don’t worry - I’m sure there will be one that you can understand. Orders come out fast - usually less than 5 minutes after you place your order. I tried a variety of different raw and cooked items. Quality is quite typical of a place like this - not the best quality but still definitely good for the price. Large “ebi” or shrimp was prepared well and had a nice taste. Some interesting choices were the seared bonito with yuzu and scallions, amberjack with sesame sauce, grilled pork with cheese and grilled Hamburg. Yes - you heard that right - grilled Hamburg sushi. Hot dishes were nice - we ordered some chicken and tempura fry - all came out fresh hot and crispy from the fryer. Here’s the fun part - so if you want you can play the “gashapon” while you eat. For every 5 plates that you eat (there’s a slot at your table in which you slide the plate down) you get a random chance to win a “gashapon” egg with a small prizes. After you slide 5 plates down - a small animation plays that tells you if you won a prize or not “Hazure” for you lose or “Atari” if you won. Can you believe I ate 15 plates to get three chances and I won only one time. My girlfriend ate 10 plates for two chances and she won once also. Service is quick and fast. They also usually have someone that speaks English so no worries on that part. They also have the important information on English sign cards so if you need that they have those also. If you’re looking for a fun inexpensive place for a sushi fix, Kura Zushi is a fun place to go in its many locations around japan.


2018-07-22 07:58

By: Jayme

Center Street Coffee House

Looking for some breakfast before your adventure through Tokyo Disneyland? The Center Street Coffee House serves a signature Minnie Mouse French Toast ... and for ones that want something a bit more hearty, they also have a curry rice with chicken. The Minnie French Toast is served with strawberry compote and they also give you some maple syrup on the side. Your breakfast set also comes with a drink of your choice and a small yogurt parfait. How cute and how delicious is this ... Service here is always top notch with friendly smiles all around and service to constantly cater to your needs by providing beverage refills and clearing your unwanted dishes. We always enjoy coming here for breakfast during our trips to the Tokyo Disneyland.


2018-07-21 08:13

By: Jayme

Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery

Located in the front plaza area of the Tokyo Disney Sea, Mamma Biscotti’s Bakery has a wide range of baked goods along with seasonal dessert specialties as well as a couple of sandwich selections for those with a slightly bigger appetite. We like to come here for our morning coffee before we start our day. One of the best things about the TDR in summer is the wide availability of iced coffee in all of the outlets. Other than this they serve your usual cafe specialties, coffees lattes and teas. They have fun breads, muffins, cookies and other baked items. Today along with our iced coffees we had the cream cheese chocolate brownie. Tangy fudgy and delicious - it went perfectly with the iced cold coffee to cool us down for the day. If you’re looking for a good cafe spot for your coffee or tea fix, this is a great place in the Tokyo Disney Sea.


2018-07-20 15:41

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