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By: Tammy

Ore-no Bakery?Cafe Higashiginza Kabukizamae

Close to the hotel we stay in Ginza. Very busy during the Brunch time. Love their toast, smell so good. Also it’s so soft and creamy with the toppings. We order: Special sandwiches with premium eggs Pork cutlet sandwiches French toast Oreno special Natural Grazing Milk Great place for breakfast/brunch to fulfill your energy during the trip


2020-01-25 13:01

By: SteakEmAll

BREIZH Cafe Creperie Omotesando

Gotta eat it while it was hot! Love the prosciutto, chorizo, egg, and cheese crepe. Daughter had the smoke salmon, spinach, cheese, and egg. Hubz had the simple and yummy brown sugar and butter. No sharing and everyone needs to order. Coffee was good too.


2020-01-03 00:19

By: SteakEmAll


This shop is opened to the public. Not members only. Steak sandwiches start at 5,000 Yen for the Wagyu Zabuton to 50,000 Yen for the Kobe Champion. 7 Steak choices to choose from. Inside only seats 6 people and two small tables outside. We opted for the less expensive sandwiches. The Wagyu Zabuton for 50 and the Wagyu sirloin for 80. Both steaks were cooked till deep pink center. Outside had a Worcestershire/ dijion mustard kind of sauce coating. Each sandwich cut into 4 cubes. The Zabuton was VERY tender and the meat melted in my mouth as I savored the two bites. My son had his eyes closed and a big grin as he took his bite. He can tell the difference of a good steak at his young age. Next was the Wagyu sirloin. It was cooked a little more then the Zabuton. I can taste it was not as tender as the Zabuton. Over all the 13,000 Yen for two sandwiches shared among 4 people was quite an indulging experience. We left happy, but still hungry. That was the starter course. As we left, I told my kids next time we come here you pay the bill. Was very tempted to get the Kobe Chateaubriand, but at 23,000 Yen. That’s many meals and snacks in Japan. Au revoir! Until we meet again.


2019-12-31 09:57


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