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By: Nathalie

Tong Shui Lo Dessert

Classical HK dessert place with all the traditional desserts HK people love in ShamShuiPo, plus their staff is nice and talkative :-), make you feel like home. We were searching all the dessert places around ShamShuiPo for ?? as it was Lantern Festival. It was too late, everyplace have already sold off all their ??, so we just chose this one as their menu seemed to have more choice. Finally we chose coconut sticky rice ??? lomaichee with mango inside, funny name "Tangpatlat" ??? round sticky rice ball with peanut and sugar powder to dip in, ice cream in durian cream, (not for me, thank you), and mango sago dessert. Opened till late !


2020-02-18 21:04

By: Nathalie

Meet At Sakura Veggie

You are a vegeterian and you miss eating sushi ? This restaurant is made for you ! Of course it will not taste the same, as it is made of veggie products, but it will be not be full of plastic or other bad chemicals contained in fishes :-) The boss is very nice and warm, it is always full so make sure to book in advance. We chose the vegetarian lamb skewers (not the best taste), braised eggplants (good!), vegetable japanese omelette (kind of okonomiyaki but not same texture), the plate of vegetarian sushis for 4 people and other veggies dishes. The dessert on this day was cashew nut milk, very good ! The vegetarian salmon sushi and tuna sushis seems to be made with soya-based. It does not have a fresh taste as raw fish sushis, I prefered other veggie sushis. I want to try other sushis, be sure to have a try on your next stay in HK !


2020-02-16 14:07

By: Jean Bill

Seoul Bros

Perfect for lunch. Everything on the menu is worth a try. Oh and their lemonades are MASSIVE


2020-02-16 10:34

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