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By: Nathalie

Light Vegetarian Restaurant

Located in Jordan, actually not far from the other dimsum vegetarian restaurant Theee Virtues. This one was open even when Typhoon alert was at 8, with the weather situation getting better. I cannot help comparing with the Three virtues. locals come here to enjoy vegetarian dishes and dimsum. Tables are a bit small here, according to anti-COVID rules, we can only gather 4 by 4 maximum. There is a bilingual menu, it is aging a bit. The food here is more oily and more stuffy than the Three virtues restaurant. Waiters are familiar with people, it's a more family style restaurant, you do not need to order too much, you will be full very quickly :-)


2021-10-20 21:57

By: Nathalie

Cafe Imagine

This place is not an Italian restaurant ! Vegan restaurant in CheungShaWan, Kowloon. It was originally named Veggie Mami after its creator Annie, a local vegan chef who just experimented and created home made vegan recipes inspired by traditional cantonese / hakka dishes, and decided one day to open her own restaurant, opened during week ends. She explores the most creative ingredients and invented new recipes, like the fake chasiur, or the algae that will taste like seafood but is a plant :-) Each element of a dish are a bit big, which sometimes is not convenient to eat in a clean way (the ingredients are falling apart when u bite one side). The taste is great, the "meat balls" looks really like some, and taste almost the same, it's incredible! The wonton has vegan cheese in it. Spring rolls are fresh and delicious, the seaweed and algae are chewy and the sauce (it is so important in this kind of dish) is delicious ! One only issue with the place is the air-conditioning which is common to the kitchen and the dining place, so it is super cold here because it needs to be cool enough for the kitchen...a redesign is needed... We ended up also taking away the housemade kimchi, which is suprisingly made with apples, cabbage, chili peppers, and so on. So it has spicy taste but also sweet ! It's a very good vegan restaurant that really is worth supporting, for the people, for the taste, for your health and for the environment :-)


2021-10-18 23:50

By: Nathalie

Mayse artisan bakery

Who would have thought to find one of the best sourdough breads made in Hong Kong by a Latvian baker, in Taimeituk beach town, in the North Territories, not far from Shenzhen border ? Yes it is here that you can find it, at Mayse Artisan Bakery. Their breads is even served at some of the city center restaurants etc. Here we also came for the pizzas, they use spelt (healthier whole food option than normal flour) sourdough crust, are all plant-based and they are delicious ! We chose Pesky Pesto pizza, Truffle Love pizza and Rainbow color pizza. Love their muffin too ! This is guilty pleasure that feels healthy !


2021-10-17 20:13

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