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Lin Heung Tea House

2018-11-14 12:35

Delicious dim sum with amazing old style ambience. They still got the “yiyi” (ayis) pushing the trolley around for you to choose. However, go there super early (or stay up party and get early dim sum breakfast) for all the goodies. By 9am, they sold out quite a few items...I got disappointed once. Still great place for the old timer’s meal. Credit cards only accepted for lunch and dinner

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By: go2eat


La Vache!

2018-11-14 14:24

By: Anna


By: Larissa Yuanita

Ho Choi Seafood Restaurant

Since my uncle is hongkongese, he said this restaurant serve very good quality for hk food. We ordered the 999HKD package for 4 people which includes: 1. Roast Chicken 2. Abalone 3. Brocolli with seafood on top 4. Seafood soup 5. Steamed fish 6. Fruits & desserts My favorite was the chicken and the abalone. Chicken skin is very crispy and abalones are seasoned perfectly!!


2018-11-18 16:59

By: Larissa Yuanita

King's Cuisine

Everyone goes to dimdimsum for dimsum, but my family prefer this place hahahaha we think that the dimsum here is more authentic. We ordered quite a lot for 3 ppl. Our highlights are their hakau (虾饺), siomay (烧麦), chicken claws, andtheir chasiu buns! Their chasiu buns are amazing, the bread has a lil bit of crisp but its very soft inside! For the hakau, you can taste the big big shrimp inside it! I come here in the weekend so i need to queue around 30 minutes haha


2018-11-18 16:55

By: Larissa Yuanita

Mak Man Kee Noodle Shop

OMG! YAZZZ! They said that this is one of hk's michelins restaurant. I tried their dry noodle with beef brisket...the meat is very tender and the meat itself is very flavorful. The dry noodle, idk what they put there but its dope! For the wonton, I actually want to order the one big prawn, but i think I order the wrong one HAHA but anyway its fine, the one that i order is alsooo yum! RECOMMENDED!


2018-11-17 18:03

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