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By: Nathalie

Fivelements Habitats

At the Fivelements HK Sakti Elixir restaurant, Chef Arnaud Hauchon and his team serve you with local organic food in creative, beautiful and delicious dishes to replenish the mind and the body. Their vegetarian creations are good to your palate, your health and the planet. This was one of the most exquisite and tasty vegetarian I have ever eaten in my life. We ate a lot, we felt full but in a healthy way. It was wonderful ! What we had: - Chickpeas and cassava pancakes, with carrot raw hummus, beautiful and yummy - Smoked tea and miso soup, sprouted lentil stew, not to forget the roasted tomatoes toast (gluten free), wow, explosion de saveurs - Ginger, spring onion steamed rice idli (a kind of bun, nice surprise) with carrot and lemongrass curry , oh so nice, perfect quantity and taste, trop bon - Raw citrus "cheesecake", black sesame, chia seeds; such a good idea to use black sesame as the crusty base for this cheesecake. 好吃极了 - and the drinks were delicious too (really dense hot chocolate, rosella kombuchaaa ouah!) - And the powerballs, haaa sweet in a healthy condensate Marvellous experience brought to us by food, the atmosphere of the Fivelements habitats and the nice staff.


2020-03-29 20:49

By: Nathalie

Hygge Bar

Relaxed atmosphere in this bar, around the theme of Hygge lifestyle, which exert cosy and comfy interior around a cup of warm tea, except here is around nice cocktails ! Really recommend it ! Nb: in HK they provide snacks without you asking, you can refuse it, because if you touch it and eat it, you will need to pay it, just so you know, because I was not aware of this habit.


2020-03-26 22:20

By: Jean Bill

The Italian Club Wine Bar Steak House Pizza Gourmet

Used to love it. The moved higher up on elding street but unfortunately the new place suck. Too small, too noisy


2020-03-22 22:44

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