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Morty’s Delicatessen

2018-01-20 22:13

Proper Canadian deli with Filipino hospitality. Definitely get the poutine which has smoked meat chopped in the gravy! Fattening yes, delicious indeed.

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By: Sergei


Devil's Advocate

2018-01-20 23:21

By: Sergei


By: Freund

Mammy Pancake

Mammy pancake is legit! This place is one of the most packed places in the city, and pounds through waffles like no body’s business. From chocolate, to cheese, to banana waffles, this place without question is an establishment you have to visit. They have many locations all over the city, you’ll without question be able to find one, just look for the colourful lights and a line of people. Decided to go with the sesame waffles (nothing too sweet) and is very addicting, you’ll continue to eat it till you’re on your second waffle. Ps, The original waffle starts at $20, and they go up to around $35 for the more unique waffles.


2018-01-24 07:55

By: Freund

O Bar

More of a store then a bar. They have all things that you need, at an extremely inflated price, with water being $25, and beer being cheaper at $20. Get some goodies, and make your walk down from the peak on a happier note


2018-01-23 18:29

By: Freund

The Beer Bay

Cute little bottle shop along the bay of Hong Kong island. There beers range from Vedett to more local beers, most around $35, and a very good option if you want to relax on the water with a beer. Sit on the stairs near by, grab some food and drinks, and people watch. Ps. Highly recommend the Moonzen IPA and Sichuan porter! 5/5


2018-01-22 18:17

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