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2019-03-21 19:51

It’s a joke. The price is ridiculous, like all other eating places at the airport. The size is cut in half compared to other BK. Just upsetting really. Bring food from home ha ha :-)

By: Hanna Lindland


Potato Corner

2019-03-17 10:05

By: SteakEmAll


By: Meen

Cheung Fat Seafood Restaurant

Always follow the locals when it comes to food.. especially the elderly when it comes to dim sum. This place was filled with the local aunties and uncles who were obviously familiar with the staff. Prices for the dim sum were very reasonable and portions were generous. Quality of food? I would say it was definitely a really good value for money. Really enjoyed my breakfast here. My husband and I were so stuffed at the end of the meal. I would recommend the harGau, eggplant and the chicken with century egg congee.


2019-03-19 12:01

By: Tom Cameron

Aberdeen Street Social

great food, bad attitude service staff. nice outdoor patio for a sunny brunch.


2019-03-17 14:42

By: SteakEmAll

Potato Corner

LOVE LOVE LOVE If you like Shake Shake fries. Then this is the place for you to go. Conveniently located right next to Mammy Pancakes which always have a long line. You can place your order for the pancakes and then go get some fries next door while you wait. Choice of BBQ, cheese, pizza, and sour cream (our favorite). Can have one or more flavors depending on the size you order. They are so addictive! We got this almost every night after dinner as a snack. He puts the fries in a bucket, add the seasoning powder and shake. (There’s also mozzarella cheese sticks) It’s like eating fresh potato chips.


2019-03-17 10:05


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