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Sun Hing Restaurant

2019-06-10 15:00

Last but not least, my favorite Hong Kong traditional restaurant. You have to go and try everything if you are in Hong Kong because you will like each one of their dishes, from sweet to savory. In this restaurant you have to be fast, you see the ladies coming while screaming what they are carrying and you have to try to catch their attention to get one of the plates before they sell out everything. You also have to stand up and go close to there counter, where they keep all the different dishes and tell the women working there what is that you want. As soon as you arrive they will also ask what kind of tea you want. This place is very popular among locals and tourist because the food is just so good so be sure to put it in your check list.

By: Marta 程嘉时



2019-06-10 15:00

By: Marta 程嘉时


By: Freddy

Maison Libanaise

Great food and one of the best Lebanese I’ve ever tried. Go for the “Maison feast” -Chicken skewers were AMAZING. It is a must have. Very tender and tasty. -Cauliflower was very interesting. It is a bit spicy but bearable and the mint sauce gives a good balance. -Salad was ok, nothing special to be honest. -Hummus. Really good and great texture. -Falafel. Great, very tasty. Not dry texture. Staff are very friendly and atmosphere is pretty good. Have a Frose! It is I frozen rose and it is what you need to have.


2019-07-18 23:17

By: Andrea

Com Banh Mi

What a great small place, a bit hidden in a smaller street but definitely worth it. We went there for Banh Mi and they had one, so we ordered it plus a drink, which gets cheaper in combination with a main dish. The staff there is very nice and fast, the place it super cute, nice and every table has a selection of sauces and add ons for your dish. The Banh Mi were fresh and really tasty. The meat was tender, the bread not dry and all ingredients fit good together. I also had the lemonade which was good, not too sweet and very refreshing. The prices are also good for HK. I really like the place and would come back. They also deliver:)


2019-07-17 07:07

By: Andrea

Kin's Kitchen

Hmm, I waver a bit regarding this place. It was highly recommended and there were a lot people but I am not a fan and I won't home back. The food was actually really good. The minced meat with eggplants was tasty and the honey glazed pork delicious. Everything was also good looking bit it took ages. The time between one dish was at least 20-30minutes, crazy. And the noodles came very very late. But hell yeah, they were good and had a had unique taste but still really good food, service is not that good and not worth the price. I liked it, like the food, but wont come back.


2019-07-15 19:16


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