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Lord Stow's Bakery

2018-05-15 11:48

Top rated egg tarts found in Macau. As a first timer here, I made this my first thing to try and boy was it delicious. This location charges 9MOP for one egg tart while other locations charge 10MOP. Fresh out of the oven, crispy on the outside and sweet and soft on the inside... definitely a must try. Ended up eating 3 by the end of day 1.

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By: Winnie M


LemonCello Gelato

2018-05-15 23:19

By: Winnie M


By: Winnie M

Tomato Portuguese Food

Follow the man with the tomato sign. You’ll find him at the shopping street. It’ll lead you up a hill where you’ll come across another sign which leads you to another at which point you’ll wonder... I’m getting closer. When you finally reach the last sign, you’ll be in front of the tomato restaurant. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a table immediately. This Portuguese restaurant has been around since 1994 and it’s still going strong. They have the famous pork and chicken steaks along with a make baked specialities. My favorite was the alibaba rice dish with chicken and cheese. Every bite, a bit of melted cheese. We also ordered the curry with beef which paired well with the bread. I’d recommend ordering another bowl of rice with the curry as we finished the meat but had a whole lotta curry sauce left behind.


2018-05-21 10:32

By: Winnie M

A Petisqueira

Googled the best Portuguese restaurant near me and this was the top rated. We stopped by around 6:23pm and there was already a small crowd queuing to enter. Since we weren’t hungry yet, we walked around and made our way back around 6:40pm. Thank God we arrived at the time we did because shortly after, crowds were coming and waiting outside. Ordered their house made cheese(48MOP), house made paella(162MOP), and their spicy prawns with garlic sauce(120MOP). The house made cheese reminds me of cottage cheese but drier. There’s a very light flavor of milk and it goes great with the house bread. The prawns were the exact opposite of the cheese. So filled with flavor and spice, I couldn’t help but munch on the head to slurp out every drop I could get. The paella... this one took nearly 45 minutes to arrive and yes, it was worth the wait. Great flavor, filled with seafood, and would definitely order it again.


2018-05-16 15:11

By: Winnie M

Tai Lei Loi Kei

There’s a huge hype on YouTube and google about this place so when I saw the huge sign with a lady and a pig, I followed the arrows to an alleyway which led me straight to this joint. Maybe it’s just not my thing but I found this to be a mediocre dish. The Bread + pork(45MOP) isn’t a bad dish as Frenchie found this to be pretty top on his list of foods we tried; however for me, I didn’t find it all that special. Eh, give it a try and let me know how it goes for you.


2018-05-16 10:02

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