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By: Haochima?

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This small dessert shop serves refreshing dessert bowls of lemon aiyu jelly and soy pudding. There are plenty of seating inside with two tables outside. It’s a great place to take a break from strolling dihua street.


2020-02-16 00:13

By: Haochima?

Ay-Chung Flour-Rice Noodle

This popular shop is frequented by tourists and locals alike and they serve bowls of rice noodles with chewy pork intestines in a gooey thick broth. Not everyone will like but I grew up with it so I find it hearty and delicious. There are no seats here so you have to stand and eat.


2020-02-09 22:17

By: Haochima?

Da Ka Sheng Meng Huo Hai Xian

This 热炒 "hot stir-fry" restaurant serves fresh seafood and a variety of home-styled dishes at a good price. It’s an excellent option if you are in the area. It gets quite busy in the evening so a reservation is recommended. I recommend the oysters with ginger, kungpao shrimp balls and bitter gourd with salted eggs. Rice, beer and drinks are self-served and service very efficient.


2020-02-09 22:07

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