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By: Haochima?


This noodle shop serves two variety of noodles - thin spinach noodles and knife cut noodles (翡翠,刀削麵). You can choose to have it stir-fried, dry or with a soup broth. I had the zhajiang mian (炸醬麵) which is dry noodles with a gravy of minced pork and bean paste. You mix it into the noodles almost like a spaghetti. Super delicious! The noodles are well cooked and “chewy” or “q” as they say here in taiwan. I also ordered a plate of pork dumplings which had tasty filling.


2020-01-24 16:51

By: Haochima?


This popular dessert stall at Liaoning night market offers hot and ice desserts of glutinous balls, soybean curd, and taro balls which you can top with a variety combinations like green beans, red beans, peanuts and etc.... I had a bowl of iced soybean curd and glutinous balls which was sweet and refreshing!


2020-01-24 16:43

By: Haochima?

Fuji Yonghe

Back at my local breakfast spot to enjoy a bowl of hot and sweet rice milk (米漿) and a plate of scallion pancake with fried egg (手抓蛋饼) - a winner combo to get your day started!


2020-01-20 11:45


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