Bon App User Guidelines

We've been thrilled to witness Bon App's explosive growth in popularity and influence over the past year. However, with great power comes great responsibility! We've created guidelines for Bon App reviewing so that the community and content continues to be honest, helpful, welcoming and peace-loving. Bon App relies on the integrity of our reviewers: please abide by the honor code.
Please note that our guidelines are consistent with the industry standard across many international user-generated content platforms.

1. Share useful, relevant reviews that will benefit the Bon App community.

Write reviews based on the facts of your visit. You can love it or hate it, but be specific and don't write personal attacks or random rants. Derogatory, lewd or defamatory comments or hints of a personal vendetta may lead to deletion of your review and your account.

2. Do not create multiple accounts.

Use one personal account for all your Bon App activity. If we discover you are using more than one account, all your accounts may be deleted. (Venue owner accounts are separate from personal accounts and are used for venue backend management).

3. Do not include irrelevant information in your review.

Do not make references to unrelated news, events, promotions, products or venues. Email addresses or links to outside websites or apps may be masked, or result in the review being deleted. 

4. Do not cut and paste the same or barely changed review to multiple branches of a brand.

If you want to write about more than one branch, include useful information relevant to each outlet. Multiple similar reviews may be deleted.

5. Don't plagiarize content or photos.

Also, please don't copy your exact same review from another platform. Create original content for Bon App. Plagiarism of others (or yourself!) will be deleted.

6. Do not accept a free meal, or payment of any kind, in exchange for a Bon App review.

If you accept a free tasting, enjoy it and have fun! But make it clear to the venue that you do not owe them a review, a Like, a Favorite or even a Check-in. The experience of invited tastings can be quite different from the average visit, therefore a related review is not a realistic account of the experience an anonymous diner may have. Be clear with the venue that if you do choose to write a review, it will be factual and not necessarily positive. When writing about a free tasting, always begin your review with a clear statement that it was an invited tasting.

7. Don't report health violations, restaurant licensing issues or legal disputes through Bon App reviews.

We are not a food safety or legal forum. 

8. Don't attempt to game the system.

Bon App was created with a vision of a fun, fair community with integrity. If we suspect any kind of nefarious behavior, your account may be deleted.

9. Comments that are inappropriate or unhelpful may be deleted.


Unhelpful: Never been there and never will. Owner is a jerk and the food sucks! 

Correct action: Don't write about a place you have never patronized.

Unhelpful: I like it. It's good and yummy. 

Correct action: Add some helpful details about your experience, the interior, service and food.

Unhelpful: Hours/address/phone number are wrong! Dislike. Bon App, get with it! 

Correct action: Click on the three dots tab and “Report error”. Thanks for helping clean up the Bon App database!

10. Photo guidelines

·  Please post clear photos that reveal something about the food, interior or service of a restaurant. The focus of photos should be the restaurant, not yourself or other guests eating there.

·  Photos that are blurry, lewd, defamatory, or otherwise deemed inappropriate by Bon App may be deleted.

Guidelines for Venue Owners

1. Do not review your own venue or any venue in which you have a business interest.

If we find you have reviewed your own venue, that review will be deleted. Multiple attempts to review your own venue may result in your account being deleted. Also, do not repeatedly Like your own or Dislike your competitors’ venues. See rule #2.

2. Do not use bias when rating or reviewing competitors' venues.

Better yet, don't rate or review them at all. Exercise restraint, maturity and the Golden Rule here.

3. Do not solicit reviews, Likes, Favorites or any other Bon App action in exchange for reviews.

Bon App users are requested never to accept free meals in exchange for reviews or payments. If you invite people privately for free tastings, there should be no request or pressure for Bon App reviews. Bon App's business development team can help you organize invited tastings targeting your ideal audience. However, as stated above, invited tastings will never require reviews from the attendees.

4. Do not post reviews or photos to share promotional information.

Use your venue owner account to post your promotions in the appropriate area. Promotions posted under reviews or photos will be deleted.


1. What should I do if I've already created multiple accounts?

Please delete all but the account which you want to keep. We will be automatically and manually deleting any subsequent accounts we find under the same ownership. The first account created will be considered the legitimate primary account. So if you wish to keep an account that is not your first one, make sure you delete any others yourself.

2. What should I do if I've already reviewed or posted promos under reviews for my own venue?

Please manually delete the review or promotion yourself. Otherwise it may eventually be automatically or manually deleted by Bon App.

3. What should I do if a venue invites me to a free tasting?

Please tell them directly and explicitly that if you go to a tasting, you cannot promise or guarantee a review on Bon App afterwards, as this is against Bon App guidelines. In addition you should tell them that if and when you do choose to write a review, it will not necessarily be positive.

Finally, any reviews of such a free meal will be marked as an invited tasting, and in the future the scores for free tastings will be segregated from the general scores for venues.

4. What happens if I violate Bon App guidelines?

Violation of rules such as accepting free meals explicitly in exchange for Bon App reviews, or writing slanderous reviews of venues may result in removal of your Power User status or other points-related status and badges, deletion of related reviews, deletion of all your reviews and history, or deletion of your account and banning of future accounts.

We hope we do not have to enforce these types of penalties and we strive to maintain a mutually supportive community, so please help us to keep Bon App an honest and transparent platform for the long-term benefit of all.