FAQ Page


What is Bon App?

Bon App is an open platform to help people connect over food, in English and Chinese, that helps local, expats and travellers find great places to eat and drink in Shanghai. Bon App is a platform for you to find, talk about and share great restaurants with all of your friends and the world!

Who uses Bon App?

Anyone who wants to find and review great restaurants and bars in Shanghai

Is Bon App free?

Yes, 100% free to use

Why should I review restaurants?

To let everyone know what you think, to help contribute to the Bon App community and to get rewarded!

Will I get recognized for leaving good reviews?

Yes! We actively search for members who submit quality reviews and will reward them with free dinners, drinks and exclusive parties! You’ll also get followers and connect with fellow foodies who have similar tastes.

What is the featured review?

Every week we choose several funny, insightful, or useful reviews written by the Bon App community to feature on our homepage. We may also sponsor users to eat at restaurants around the city and may feature those reviews.

What am I allowed to say in my reviews?

We want you to be honest, we want to hear about your great experiences, your terrible experiences and the rest as well. Please try to be honest and include all of the details. Any non-restaurant related material including political, sexual or inappropriate content is against our terms of use and will be removed and posting may result in your account being permanently banned.

Can I share reviews/restaurants/pictures with friends?

Yes! A sharing button for WeChat is located on the restaurant profile page.

Why does your App ask for so many permissions when I install it?

For all of the functions in our App to work properly we need to know where you are and to be able to save things to your phone’s storage. We really want to help you find restaurants that are near you and to do that we need to know where you are!

Will Bon App share my details with anyone?

No! We only use your details to help understand your habits and what places you would like, so we can do some smart recommendations.


Can restaurant owners or staff review their own venue?

No. We are working hard to be a platform for honest feedback so that everyone, including restaurant managers and owners, can get up to date and honest insight about venues. We will remove reviews that we determine to be commercial in nature and may block repeat offenders.

How do restaurants sign up?

If you searched for your restaurant on our app and didn’t find it you can click the “Add new business” button and submit the details yourself! Or you if you would like to discuss other partnership and co-promotion options with us you can email us at support@bonapp.net.

How did my restaurant details end up on your site?

Most of our listings are user submitted, so someone probably really wanted to talk about your restaurant and had you added.

Can I respond to reviews? Update my restaurant’s details? Etc

Yes, we have a venue system for owners and venue representatives to log in and manage their listings, upload promotions and respond to reviews. If you think a review is unfair or inappropriate or you want your details updated please just email us at support@bonapp.net and we’ll review things as soon as possible.

Can I pay to change or remove reviews?

No. We will review and remove any inappropriate or fake reviews, but we will not remove or alter reviews that are real. Please keep in mind negative reviews are an excellent way to gauge how you’re performing and a great opportunity to make improvements to help grow your business.

Can I pay to increase my search ranking?

No. Search results are based on user search criteria and user submitted ratings.