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By: angyness

The Bull & Claw 2.0

The food is always being pleasant here, esp when you are down to lobsters and steaks. The service still has room to improve. eg, try to get someone to show customers to the table, even in the rush hour; take the plates away once it’s empty, and put on the new dish... you can do better than now!


2020-09-19 23:31


Tonglefang Courtyard

Times Grocery support voluntary blood donations! Thanking everyone for their interest and willingness to help a fellow being through your generous blood donation. Bloodline is still here till 8pm at Jing'an courtyard, but if you missed it tomorrow they are still here from 2-8pm!


2020-09-19 21:15

By: PanPan


It’s my favorite cafe in Shanghai so far. It reminds of the cozy cafes in Taipei. I usually bike here on weekends for a productive afternoon. It doesn’t look like a big place and sometimes it’s very busy on a weekend afternoon. But actually I just discovered that there are seating upstairs too! The second floor looks like an art space with big tables and it’s quieter. Also lots of people enjoy sitting outdoors. A best spot to spend time with friends, enjoy the view on Xinhua rd and do people watching. The owner is always there. She is hospitable. I always see her friendly talking with customers. And the staff is quite nice and helpful. I like their Mocha and latte. It’s also a good choice to get a Coffee Dessert combo for 47 kuai. The lemon pie and the black chocolate cake is highly recommended. The only problem is that they dont have a restroom in the cafe. So you need to go to the movie theatre across the street.


2020-09-19 19:08

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